For those of you that missed the Kale Sample Sale....

  1. I emailed Melinda asking her if she had any bags left over from the sample sale, and she only has ONE palmer left in "COAL". She is still willing to honor 65% off the retail price.

    I'm thinking about buying it, but I bought 4 bags already this week from them. I've already told Melinda to hold the bag for me, but if anyone wants it let me know!
  2. Do you know how much it is with the discount? you can pm me if ya want
  3. For some reason, It won't let me send you a PM.

    The price is $795 retail, then 65% off = $278.25

    I'm not sure how much she charges for shipping though. I don't think it will be more than $10. It will be plus tax if you live in LA.
  4. it may be b/c Im a new the coal color browm? From the online pix thats what it looks like
    (and I live in PA so no tax...woohoo lol)
  5. coal is more of a greyish color. I really like it, i ordered an E/W tate in that color from the sample sale.

    Its this color. But the style is the Palmer. This one pictured in the E/W tate. And ofcourse it has the HOT fuschia lining inside!

  6. Now I really wish I hadn't bought that Palmer in olive! I'm really kind of tempted to get the coal and figure out how to get rid of the olive later...
  7. ok, let me know if you decide not to get it...I love the palmer bag and it looks like a cool color :smile:
  8. it sucks, return policy only allows returns for a "credit" towards future purchases.

  9. I know... so lame. Wonder if I could sell it on eBay? I've only ever sold one thing on eBay - a book - so I have no idea how hard it is to sell a bag.
  10. Sukey- i already bought 4 kale bags last week, so if you want it, PM me your email address, and I'll ask Melinda to contact you to complete the transaction.
  11. I was thinking about that too. I totally overdid it with buying 4 bags. I'm just iffy abt listing it on ebay, because not too many people know about Kale, so I don't know they'd be willing to pay the price for it.

    Like my raisin tate i have, people at work compliment me on the bag all the time, but think i'm nuts for paying $300 for it.

    I think its worth it though. The leather is really nice, and the inside suede is HOT.
  12. Sukey, please buy it so I don't end up with another one! lol!;)
  13. Could you please let me know if you are not planning to get this, I'm interested too
  14. ugh, I can't Pm b/c I havent been a member long enough....but I do want the bag...Is it ok to put my email here for a minute and then delete it?
  15. Maybe a consignment place would be better than ebay.