For those of you that live in NYC, which Coach outlet do you go to?

  1. Hi Everyone! I was just which outlets everyone goes to if you live in NYC? The closest one I know is Woodberry Commons but I can never find any of the good stuff there! I would really love to purchase a few more additional 06 legacy pieces but I am not sure if there is an outlet somewhat near me! THanks!
  2. Id like to know this too. Woodbury Commons may be the worst Coach outlet of all time and im sick of going there with such high hopes and always leaving disappointed! :tdown:
  3. What is it you are looking for? I was just at Woodbury Common Plaza and they had
    alot of 06 Legacy stuff.
  4. Really?? Last time I went (about a month and a half ago i think) all they had was a lot of the same old stuff that is always there and some new bags that were made only for outlets. Maybe they are getting in some good stuff for the holiday shopping.
  5. I agree. The Woodbury outlet is very hit or miss. I find much better bag selection at the Tannersville outlet in PA. It's on the way to the in-laws and my fav outlet by far.

  6. For sure don't waste your time driving down to AC...that outlet is from hell. I think it's the reason I don't like to outlet shop.

  7. The Woodbury Common Plaza Outlet is hit or miss. I was there on Friday and they had
    Legacy 06 Satchels, Natural Ali's, Legacy Slim Flaps and natural and brown shoulder bags. Why don't you give them a call and see if there is anything left. Good luck!
  8. I live on Long Island and I am not impressed by what is available at the Coach outlet at Tanger in Riverhead. It seems to be mostly bags made for the Factory Store. Nice, but unremarkable. They do get other bags but it is very hit or miss. If you are looking for Legacy or other higher end bags, ask the sales associates if there are any available in the back. For some reason they tend to keep them hidden but bring them out when asked. Riverhead does not carry signature bags. My SAs in the Coach boutique told me that the reason the store has such a poor selection (and no signature) is because there are several Coach boutiques on Long Island. You will have much better luck at an outlet that is not in close proximity to a boutique.
  9. Agreed. I have heard that the only outlets that carry signature and bags that moved quickly to the outlet but are still also in the boutiques (like the demi Carlys) are those that are more than 50(?) miles away from a boutique. So it can be both a good and a bad thing to have a coach boutique nearby i guess! not sure if 50 is the actual number but apparently it is determined by milage of some #
  10. I'm not in NYC (North Jersey) and while Woodbury is closer, I usually go out to Tannersville in PA. It's about 10 miles in from the Delaware Water Gap & right off of Route 80 :tup:
  11. Is Tannersville a signature outlet??
  12. Yes is it :yes:
  13. Wow, I need to make my way there after the holidays. I wonder if they will still have anything decent.
  14. me too