for those of you that keep your lock on your speedy

  1. I keep my lock permanently on the end of my speedy, and i removed it today to spray my bag with SM. At closer inspection of my bag...the tab where the lock hangs, i notice that the lock has basically deformed that side of the leather. FOr starters, on the inside cutout hole of the leather, where the lock sits, it is blackish. On the outter side, where there is the darker "paint" it has come off and the leather looks deformed and ruined.

    I've had this bag for 7 months.

    Has this happened to anyone else??
  2. YES!:rant:
  3. Yep - same thing has happened to my speedy lock-hole. You can try to apple leather condition it, but it won't all come off - that's just what happens to speedies :/
  4. Mine is the same way. :mad: The lock is just tranishing which is what's creating the black on the leather.:censor: I think if/when I purchase a new speedy I wont attach the lock there.
  5. yeah, i appled the damn bag and then SM it. Grr. Seems so stupid that it is an expensive bag, and it just ruins so easily. I'm soooo fed up with designer bags.

    The funny part is, we all tell ourselves it's worth it b/c they "last forever" and we'll "carry\ them forever" but the reality is, they don't \last forever, and the quality is comparable to some nice mid-end bags out there....and as for carrying them tastes change yearly. And, even if they didn't change, i don't know about you, but for me, i'd be embarassed to be known as the lady who's carried "that same bag for 40 years" lol

    sorry for the rant. i'm just annoyed.

    my botkier leather was crappy when i got it, conditioner didn't help. now the speedy deal....if the hardware on my epi tarnishes..i'll lose it! lol
  6. I don't blame you!
  7. i left my speedy next to a window one time, and the sun really heated up the lock.. it turned the leather that touched the lock BLACK! =( but i still have the lock there.. it's been four months or so..
  8. Nope, not yet. I've only had mine for 2 months. How awful!
  9. thanks for the heads up girls... i think i'll be taking my lock off tonight! i've had my speedy for nearly a year now... i havent really looked at the lock! ekekekek!
  10. im sorry to hear that abt ur bag, but its so strange! i've had my speedy 25 for 2 years now (carry it pretty often i must say!), speedy 30 for a year as my travelling bag and mini HL for 3 years and they're all fine. i must be really lucky then!
  11. My mom has had her very first Speedy 30 since the late 80s and the only thing with hers is that it's really patina-ed. Otherwise, the lock hasn't changed the hole a bit. Same with my Cerises's fine and I've had it for about a year and a half.
  12. same here! i didn't give much attention on that part.....didn't realize that might happen! :shame:
  13. I usually only keep the lock on my speedy when I'm using it. When I put it in the dust bag at night, I take the lock out and put it in the inside pocket. My hole is not deformed (yet) and the inside is only a little bit black. It's not noticeable though. Only to ME!!
  14. my epi did that.. i noticed that where the lock was rubbing on the bag it had all gone balck soi took it off. am so upset though cuz i really didnt think it wouldhappen that quickly. the lock is old and mangey looking too. was so upset
  15. I haven't had such problems with my Speedy 30 or Mini Sac. :huh:

    Btw, I keep the locks clean and shiny by washing them with toothpaste once in a while. :smile: