For those of you on myspace..

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  1. This is really gross. I get a friend request from a profile like this at lease every week. I thought maybe if all of us that are on myspace reported them that something might happen.

    Shes selling fake purses through this myspace account. Im not sure of the policies on myspace but can you even do that? Either way this has to be stopped. The stuff she has on there is really bad, even Gigi's :tdown:.
  2. I dont have access to myspace at the moment, but i'd report the profile to the administrators... that has to be illegal. its a networking site, not an online store.. not to mention what she's selling is fakes... i'm quite sure that what she's doing is illegal in many ways and I'm sure Tom wouldnt like that!!! i'll email myspace on it later when i get home.. hopefully if they get alot of emails on this profile we can get it shut down!!!
  3. Someone either posted awhile ago about reporting this person or someone else with that background who was selling fake bags. If it's the same person, My Space must not care. Selling fake bags is illegal and it's something that *we* all take very seriously, but a majority of people elsewhere have a very laissez faire attitude about it....

    Just as a side note, what is this even supposed to be? :yucky:
  4. That is :censor: DISGUSTING :sick:
  5. I'm sure this has to be against one of MySpace's policys. I'll definitely report it.
  6. Ew
  7. yuck! I had no idea that you can have a business selling stuff through myspace.

    she has some nerve having those brands on her page but then turns around and sells crap bags!
  8. I reported it also.
  9. Same here. I hope it gets taken down.
  10. I just clicked on it and it's been deleted.
  11. It's been deleted. I don't get requests of people selling fake bags, but I get all kinds of dumbasses trying to get me to join some dumb site, and I report them as SPAM.
  12. Someone else posted one of these MySpace pages with the person selling replicas and we managed to get that one taken down as well. I think it's a great idea to post those here when you come across them. The more people who report it, the more likely it is to be removed. :tup:
  13. Yeah it has been deleted for good!!! Good work tPf that's what they get!
  14. people sell fake bags on facebook too. gross. at least myspace did something about it!
  15. Ugh myspace is so gross... that's why I deleted my account and just stuck with facebook. I don't even think reporting those people helps... they have so much of that crap going on!