For those of you in the Scottsdale area this weekend...

  1. So today I vistied my wonderful SA Ann at Saks and apparently Saks is having another EGC event from now until Sunday especially for the Superbowl!!

    But the reason why I mention it on this sub forum is because I was there today and saw a few pairs that someone might be interested in.

    The simple blue pumps and sometime lace up were 6.5 (I believe) and were returns but I saw them and they looked great. Also the Black and luggage city girl platform sandals were there (the black, IMOis better looking IRL than the luggage) and not to mention they had BRONZE YOYOS :love: (of which I currently have a pair on hold!) that aren't even on the floor yet! Ann also said they are expecting a few more styles, which ones she wasn't sure of, because of everything going on here for this weekend. So if anyone's interested in these, Give Ann Roundy a call (tell her Valerie sent you!) she's super sweet!:p

    PS I also got to see the new lookbook and noticed that the simple 100 are going to come in VIOLA? I'm assuming they will be a purple/violet color, but does anyone have any info on this?? TIA!!
    simple blue pump.jpg sometimes lace up.jpg black.jpg
  2. what's EGC?
  3. ^^ I keep wondering this too!! I'm assuming something that we don't get in the UK... Is it like a sale???
  4. i finally had to ask. i've been wondering for ages and just thuoght i was missing out on some obvious abbreviation, i must know what it means!!
  5. Simple pumps in purple?! I love purple :love: I wonder if they will be patent or kid.

    Saks EGC is an event where depending on how much you purchase, you receive a Saks gift card to use toward a future purchase. They offer this promotion every now and then.
  6. egc = extra gift card?
  7. LMAO - um, honestly I don't know what EGC stands for :lol: I just know what the event is about. But that's a good guess for what the acronym is!
  8. haha, okay i suppose i can accept that!
  9. bos - are you sure that it is an EGC event and not double points. I received a card in the mail stating that there will be double points, but no mention of EGC. This will be super sweet if there is another EGC event considering that Saks just had one 2 weeks ago. NICE!
    The site also states that it is double points through Sunday.
  10. I believe EGC stands for electronic gift card.
  11. Yes, I was there yesterday and I'm going back today for the Chanel trunk show. It's definately an EGC event (from now until sunday) BUT I think its only here because of all the festivities going on for the SuperBowl. Last night, Saks was having a charity event and had male models, a few bars, and food areas set/setting up while I was there. I had a glass of white while shopping!:tup:

    So if theres anything shoe wise you might be looking for I'd Call Ann to get the promotion, because I really think EGC is exclusive to Saks Phoenix for this weekend...
  12. Boslvuton - is this event at the biltmore saks?

  13. Yes the Biltmore Saks is the only true Saks Fifth in this area... I thought the EGC might be exclusive to this store because of Superbowl being here this weekend, but Ronsdiva posted a thread about it being all over!!! (or so she thought) So ladies, again take advantage!! And if for some reason it is not all over, call my SA Ann. She's sweet and just fabulous overall- and tell her Valerie sent you!!!:p