For those of us who can't do June, there is always Round 3!!!

  1. I know we have talked about a Round 3 later in the Summer, but I think it's time to set things in motion so some of us can make flight reservations:graucho: So please join me for Round 3 in NYC in late August or possibly September.

    As of right now, these are the dates that I can come to NYC:yahoo:

    August 16-18
    August 24-26
    September 7-9
    September 28-30

    August is looking really good to me to for some reason- I guess I just can't wait to get out there!!!:p
  2. I am in and can make any of those times. Looking forward to meeting you jag.
  3. YAY! I am so excited! Can't wait to meet you Rose!
  4. I should be open for any date you pick. This is perfect! It gives me plenty of time to find a nice gay bar to take you.:p
  5. Fabulous HG! I will be resting my liver until then:p
  6. The only date that I can't do is Aug 24-26. Please,please, please don't do it then! i must meet you and loveshermes!
  7. OMG...I'd love to go!!:yahoo:
  8. As a newbie, I'd love to come and meet the other ladies in this forum
    but I already booked my ticket to go back east on the first week of august :sad:
  9. Oh god, I would love to come!! I just went to my first tPF meeting this weekend and it was so much fun!!

    I need to find a way to trick hubby into thinking this is a great idea :p
  10. Ok, here are the dates that work so far

    August 16-18
    September 7-9
    September 28-30

    me_love_purse I am going to talk to my hubby about the first week of August. My b-day is 8/10 so I am not sure how he will feel about me taking off that weekend. But will post back!!!
  11. i am in too
    thank you!

  12. OK - so all of those dates are good for me now and we MUST meet so I'll do my best somehow, BUT

    8/14 is my birthday (hello, fellow Leo!) and it's a big one :p so I don't know if DH has anything planned for that Aug weekend or not. And we often travel in Sept. to see the in-laws in CA but that hasn't been planned yet so I can probably steer that one way or the other if I know the date early enough.

    One way or another I will make it! I'll just need to stay in the loop to plan our family trips around it.

    Yay!! NYC and the end of summer - near a birthday - I smell a bag! :p
  13. Ok, I am trying to work out August 9-12 so we can meet me_love_purse too!

    And we will have one hell of a birthday celebration frenchie!!!! That will be so so much fun!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Oh, yeah! Resting my liver, too!:p
  15. oh jag.....
    I really want to meet you..... I really hope this works out....
    then we can have a party....
    woo hoo... birthday party.....:wlae: