For those of us on REAL purse bans,,,

  1. What do we do?

    I have actually GIVEN my credit cards to the DH ... okay he took them ... I am not allowed anywhere near a CC logo so not only am I banned from Chanel, I can't go to Bloomies, Bergdorfs, Saks and Neimans!!
  2. i wish i had the ability to be able to buy so much chanel to go on a purse ban. lol. but i really think u guys have some amazing will power. i would just like re-order my cc's and charge them up again... :smile:
  3. LOL that is exactly why the DH took the credit cards!!
  4. I totally understand. I just put myself on a ban. 4 LV bags this month. Nothing new for me until Christmas.
  5. Wow Harley, I totally admire your self-discipline!!! I guess for me it helps that Chanel is totally overpriced here anyway so I can't just walk in and buy something. Also no Saks, Bloomingdale's or NM where I am!

    I will just have to rely on good old-fashioned self-control and discipline :roflmfao:
  6. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:for me...
    hehe,,,I convinced my mom to buy chanel for, I still got chance to look at the new styles and get the feeling of "swiping my credit card , get a big black gift box".....
  7. Believe me it is not self discipline ... it is out of respect for DH ... he has been extraordinary in what I have but I can't keep this up ... so I am only going to buy when I can afford them on my own and after other priorities (yes there are ones ahead of Chanel!) are taken care of ... I wish I was in a position that a lot are where money is not an issue ... I have a lot and frankly even though I say you can never have enough ... I have more than I deserve.
  8. I need to join you on the purse ban as well. It is so hard to be disciplined though as there are always more pretty bags to tempt you. Good luck! :girlsigh:
  9. I have to put myself on a ban coz I handle our finances, my DH trusts me. That in itself, has put my a** in a ban!
  10. Ditto! I'm in the same situation as you...
    I had gotten 6 bags the last two months... so I HAVE to go on purse ban. Maybe at least till Spring next year. Hopefully by then the new Cerf tote would be out, and maybe (maybe!) I'll get that... :yes:
  11. 2 more bags for the year then my ban will start...Have to be better next year with a tighter budget...price increases are beginning to make me think long and hard before another Chanel purchase...I would love a Kelly bag or a timeless clutch...but will only get one...before November...The other bag is Anya Hindmarchs Bougart which I have on pre order at Saks...Then no more for at least 6 months...need to regroup....
  12. I think that we all went a little cuckoo buying bagsately because of the impending price increase. Well, at least I did. I am waiting for one more bag that is on its way and then I think I will be pretty satisfied with what I have for a while. When does the spring stuff come out? Waiting till then sounds like a good plan for me...
  13. I will really go on a ban soon!

  14. Did I miss something does Christmas now come on 10/6???? ...hehehehehe.LOL!:p
  15. Seriously though, I totally understand what everyone is saying....the prices are out of control and I just paid off my NM, and that was no small accomplishment - where did all those zeros come from?!?. I am happy with my collection...heck I have bags I haven't even took out yet so, I have "new" bags to last me a while.

    I will need to check back in here often for a AA meeting...this should be a sticky thread.:nuts: