For those of us in colder climates...

  1. When do you start to wear your sandals? Do you go by the temperature or by the month? I want so bad to wear sandals and espadrilles, and peep toes, but it is only in the 40's-50's.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. I usually will break them out when the temp is 60's and above.
  3. ^^i agree
    i pretty much wear sandals and open shoes all year round, i change them when i go outside.
  4. I was thinking about sandals today actually, but its too early here. I wait to wear sandals until it is warm, with no mud on the ground, and when the trees are going green. I think I'll be waiting at least another 6 weeks here unfortunately.
  5. There's still tons of snow and ice on the ground here in the north of Norway!! I guess I won't be putting on my sandals in a couple of months more!
  6. Poor mary! Here (southern norway) it's so sunny and temperatures are getting up to 15 C! soon it'll be sandal time! :graucho:
  7. After mud season for sure!!
  8. I also live in a colder climate. It does seem a little early for sandals and canvas/espadrille type shoes. However, I have been wearing peep toe patent leathers, if it is 50 or up. It reminds my toes that spring is coming!
  9. Love my boots, I wear open toes when it is in the 70s or up. It also depends on the outfits.
  10. Right around the month of May-Sept..maybe pushing it a bit for Northern New England....can't get here soon enough...
  11. Okay, so peep toes are good for now, but sandals should wait until May. I think I can handle that.
  12. I go by the weather not the month.
  13. Anytime after high 50s!!
    You have to celebrate the weather getting warmer!
  14. by the temperature and as long as its after spring starts
  15. It is climbing into the 50's and 60's here in Western New York (near Niagara Falls) and although my 13-yo DD wore flip-flops to school the other day, I'm not there yet. (Besides, I haven't yet had my early spring pedicure!)

    But, I did wear my black patent ballet flats with footless leggings and a skirt yesterday, and today I wore a pair of green suede Michael Kors clogs with black pants and no socks. So, not sandal weather yet -- but definitely not my big, black UGGS anymore!!:wlae: :woohoo: