For those looking for the perfect wallet.....

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  1. I have been looking for a nice wallet that would go with most of my bags (especially LV) that was stylish, functional and reasonably priced. I finally found it!

    The color is a tobacco brown and looks beautiful with my batignolles. Just a FYI for anyone needing a wallet but does not want to spend big bucks on a LV one.
  2. Ooh that's beautiful. I love Coach wallets, and the tobacco color is just so perfect. Congrats!
  3. Very pretty. I have a few Coach wallets and they are very nice!
  4. very nice :smile:
  5. That is very nice.....the colors are great!
  6. That's really pretty! I have had my Coach wallet for five or so years and it still looks new. I can't really justify buying a new one cause this one just keeps looking good year after year. :lol: Congrats!