for those looking for the black speedy inclusion key chain...

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  1. Eluxury has them in stock now! I just got myself one. :love: Use code RNWY for free shipping!!!

    Don't wait since the black is already discontinued. Once they run out it's gone...:crybaby:
  2. The black key chains are now gone. It says Noir only.
  3. OMG, I ordered one last night and I did not know there was a free shipping code. Oh that makes me sick. :crybaby:

    Allison, black is noir. :smile:
  4. oh I thought noir was beige. my mistake. The bracelets are called black.
  5. noir is black. beige is beige. =) I guess they are not consistent with all items in naming the colors.
  6. Beige in English and French are the same.. mildly confusing nice everything else isn't !
  7. I never took french if you couldn't tell ;)
  8. But all you need now is Vuitton French anyways. :graucho:
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