For those looking for an ALI this one is mispelled

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  1. It is probably a good thing it is mis spelled seeing that the seller is very green, member since Jan 20, 2008 and has 0 feedback. I would be very hesitant to purchase from them.
  2. Also, did the ali come in british tan? I think it's whiskey and they have no idea what it is. It looks just like my whiskey though...if someone is willing to chance it, they may get a really good deal.
  3. I wanted to bid on this one but was very wary. He refused to show more pics, claiming the item is already packed and ready to ship, then on top of that he does not accept returns either. With nothing else to go on (plus his opening price was under $10!!!!!) I moved on. Call it female intuition, but I think I made the right choice.
  4. Paypal will protect you. I would not worry. You would get your money back if he is not going to send it. If i did not just get one, I would bid.
  5. WOW!!! It got up to $204 when it had only 16 or less minutes left!
  6. It might be a pilot bag. i know some of them may have been called british tan because the color is practically almost the same
  7. I bid on this~~I emailed the seller for more pics 3 days before the auction ended. She emailed back asking for my email address, I sent it to her and she emailed me back saying "sorry, its all packed for shipping" I was like WTF?? Someone said green?? Yes, very! For the price Iwas willing to risk it. But I wasn't paying more that $150~~I lost!
  8. I said the same thing, why is it packed when it's not even sold yet? So many things about this seller put me on edge and I know Paypal would have protected me but going through that hassle is so not worth my time and money. Glad I decided not to bid on it and even if I had, I would not have gone that high!
  9. I opened this thread expecting to see Ali spelled Ail or something. :smile:

    I agree about this seller seeming awfully fishy....
  10. I just recieved a message from eBay about this item~~ they removed it....I don't understand how they can do that after it was already won...?
  11. That happened to me. I won a (FAKE!) wristlet on eBay & went to the eBay forums for advice. I got lots of great advice, but everyone reported it and it got pulled AFTER I paid for it! Fortunately, it was PayPal to the rescue & I got all my money back. :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.