for those looking for a cheap tote bag...


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Mar 11, 2006
i HIGHLY reccomend the Luella for Target totes. they have a couple of different patterns. i bought one today to go shopping with because i was so sick of my bag not closing...i got the most compliments on it of any bag i've EVER purchased. seriously, i was shopping down town portland at like saks and pioneer place and probably 80% of the SAs i interacted with said something about it. its really roomy and durable. best 20 bucks i've spent in a while! :smile:


you can order them at
ilzabet: I live in Portland and I've looked for the Luella stuff in every Target I've walked into and haven't seen a single item! Did you get your tote locally or online? It's very cute!
leah: i found it at the target at tannesbourne on 185th off hwy 26 in turn left at the first light after the ramp, then left again on evergreen where the barnes and noble is if you don't head to that end of town very often. :smile: they had a whole bunch, but they're over in the clothing department with the rest of the luella stuff not with the accessories like i expected. the luella display is after the swim suits and mossimo tees, but before isaac mitzrahi and cherokee. it's kind of surrounded by merona and some mossimo jeans/dresses. i had finally given up looking and i basically tripped over the display on my way over to isaac mitzrahi. :smile:
No wonder I never found the bags! I was looking in the wrong department! lol

Lizabet: The very Target you're describing is the one I live closest to! How funny is that? Now I can make a beeline right for the bag when I get to the store. Probably tomorrow! :nuts:
That Luella tote is cute!

Slightly more expensive, and I haven't seen these in real life but I like the LOOK of them:

1) Miquelrius Jordi Labanda Bohedian Large Tote - $33-29 now on ebags

2) Miquelrius Jordi Labanda Holiday Large Tote - $33-29 now

3) Sydney Love Wardrobe Large Shopper - $36 now

4) Sydney Love Cats and Dogs Jelly Tote - $34-20 now

5) Sydney Love Wardrobe Collection Wardrobe Collection - $61-20 now (can be used as an overnight bag too)
More reasonably-priced and cute totes:

1) Marlo Flower Me Double Handle Tote - $26-99 now

2) Miquelrius Jordi Labanda Capri Large Tote - $33-29 now

3) Miquelrius Jordi Labanda Butterflies Large Tote - $26-99 now

4) Sydney Love Cat and Dog Embroidered Shopper - $34-20

Would love to get this one :biggrin:

5) Sydney Love Poodle Skirt Flat Shopper - $36 now