For those curious about sizes of the 2.55: pic within

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Thanks Intlset! So I'm assuming its mini, small, medium, large and jumbo? I didn't know the reissue came in the smaller sizes! perfect!
  3. Great pics of the Reissues in sizes 224,225,226,227 and 228!
  4. Wow great pic!
  5. was that in a store?
  6. Not sure, I find it via google!;)
  7. Thanks for posting IntlSet. I'm new to Chanel. I am still in the process of deciding what will be my first Chanel ;)
  8. does anyone else think the third and fourth look the same?
  9. Good eye, I didn't look very closely! They do look that way, huh?
  10. They do to me.
  11. \
    yeah, thanks bunches!! I am on the fence b/w black and the gray. :biggrin:
  12. Thanks for this! I didn't know about the sizes.
  13. Any idea as to the price of the 224?
  14. The width loooks so similar from the 2nd-4th that I am wondering why I turned down a small and am still searching for a medium!
  15. Thanks for posting! I would love a 228 - wah!!!
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