For those curious about Heritage Stripe....

  1. I just got the new catalog, and there IS a small tote for $258. And it says in the catalog, the line is available in Feb.

    I LOVE the Large Madeline totes, btw......the white leather and the zebra print are TDF!!!!! Soooo gorgeous! I'm actually confused now as to which I should get, but I'm still thinking I'll go w/ the Heritage, since it's PINK.....but I have been waiting for a bag like the White Leather Madeline....
  2. Leanne---did you request the catalog online? Or did they automatically mail it? I seem to get them hit or miss.
    I am in love w/ this tote too! I am a teacher and have been looking for a new work tote for so long. And going back and forth between leather and siggy.....I think this is a perfect solution for me!
    Do you happen to know the measurements for the smaller tote? I think it will end up being too small.....but I like the price better!
  3. The Coach Heritage Stripe Tote in small, medium and large are available to order from
    JAX now.
  4. I ordered the med. for $298. in pink Sat. from Jax its sounds like it is going to be more my size the size of the striped totes .The small in catalog says its 13x 10 but when I talked to jax they said the small is way smaller than that------------------
    like 8x9. I loved the tote after seeing Liz posting hers. I also got
    the wristlet with the kisslock cant wait to see it! I will let you know! and post!
  5. I request a catalog online every time I see there is a new one. I'm not lucky enough for them to send me one Yes, the price of the smaller tote is pretty nice, but there were no measurements in the catalog :sad: I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help. Anyway, let me know if you order one! I will probably be ordering on after Christmas!
  6. OMG thanks so much for the update Liz! Has anyone who ordered the Heritage items been allowed to use their PCE on them? (fingers crossed!)

    I sooo want one of these in green!