for those Carly lovers...

  1. Hi All:

    Which color combo do you like the Carly bag best in?

    I preordered the camel one, but I am still deciding about the color.
    I also like the white one, but am a little worried about maintenance on this color bag (I think the pebbled leather white is a little easier to maintain).
  2. hmm yeah the camel is cute.... =]
  3. I'm loving the black.
  4. Totally biased, but I have the parchment/brown combo and I love it. I understand your concern about the color, but I can tell you that I have used the bag for a couple of weeks and it's no worse for the wear. I definitely am careful with it (and when I bring it to work, I put it in the dustbag and in a drawer),but it seems to be holding up fine.
  5. I really love the light blue with the signature, but it goes with nothing I own. I am leaning toward the signature/saddle combo. Saw them today, but the Coach store was MOBBED. Will go back when it is a little less crowded.
  6. There is a bag named after me:smile: ;) LOL

    All of these combos are cute though:yes:
  7. I :heart:*LOVE*:heart: the carly signature Brass/Khaki/Chambray combo!
  8. I like the camel best and I also like the signature ones with either the saddle or blue trim. Any of them look great though!
  9. I like the black in leather and in the sig. I dunno the carly just looks good in black and I am not a black bag person
  10. I have the signature/saddle and I love it...I got it in October the first weekend that Dillards had the pilot bags out. I love it!
  11. I'm loving the blue, but I think the C's might be a little too big for my taste.

    Anyone else or is that just me?
  12. the signature with saddle... i want it soooooo bad!
  13. ^^Me, too!!!!!!
  14. I love the Khaki/Chambray!!!
  15. I love the Brass/Chambray and i love the Signature.