For Theda lovers

  1. Surfing on the net, i found this pic!:graucho:

  2. hot here's another with a MC Theda I saw a woman with a REAL one last weekend I waas like:wtf: I had never seen a real MC
    feel free to use it as a BG pic...
  3. That bag drove me nuts though, getting in & out of it was a hassle, then all the fakes I saw, I got frustrated & sold mine
  4. sorry for that:sad: it remains such a gorgeous bag!:heart:
  5. Oh :love: I always love Theda but I noticed my friend got sign on the buckle while it's brand new.
  6. Pink Swarovski Theda ( pic #1 ) totally fab, LT has it last week but sold quickly :s:
  7. i know what you mean. i thought i was the only one that felt that way. however, i just can't part without my theda.:graucho:
  8. Aaaaw, I love the Theda... I'd do some pretty dirty things for one :graucho:
  9. Ahh... those models look HOT! I love their figures. :nuts:

    Thanks a lot for sharing!
  10. They are beautiful.
  11. you're welcome!!:kiss::flowers:
  12. I honestly didn't find the Theda very appealing when it first came out. Now I look at it and think it's one of my favorite shapes. It's interesting how our tastes change through the years. Thanks for posting such gorgeous pics!
  13. What figures???hehe, you mean their bones...heehee I'm being a brat, that tiny pink mc theda is to DIE for, I adore Theda although very busy.... hot bag.:heart:
  14. i think the theda is so cute. I don't own one but maybe in the future.