For the ultimate Coach collector....

  1. Whaaaaat!!?? I was half expecting C's on all of the upholstery. It's a nice car, but what's Coach about it beside the plate?
  2. nice! I've seen a escalade with the custome c's coach interior in my bf's car magazine.... I fell in love with that car:love::girlsigh: I'll try and find some pics to post
  3. I've heard of custom cars like that, but I can't remember where I saw pics.
  4. :confused1: it says coach leather.. does that mean it is literally coach leather of somesort? interesting..... I guess other than the coach badge I am not getting it.. literally!!! :rolleyes:
  5. yeah I have seen the dooney & bourke lowrider :yucky: but nothing coach! :shrugs:
  6. I know this is (gasp) not coach.. but had to share ;)
  7. :wtf:
  8. back in the days, that was the ultimate luxury least for some of us, lol.

    they had coach leather trim, coach badges (like the coach logo) imprints and came with a coach cabin bag.
  9. My mom lives in Dallas and when she was looking at buying a new Lexus a few years ago she said they were running a special where you got a free 3-piece Coach luggage set when you bought the Coach edition Lexus. NICE!
  10. It is the Coach edition, like Ford's Eddie Bauer edition, Subaru's L.L. Bean edition.....

    Heres a link to a ton of "coach" interior cars. I wonder how they get the fabric?

    I couldnt find any pictures of that Escalade... sorry. It was so nice too.
  11. Just in case you didn't see it in the photos, here is what is Coach about them: