For the UK Chanel Ladies..........

  1. Just wanted to share with you my Chanel Sales Bargains. I know we've been trying to support each other in finding UK Chanel Stocks. Keep up the good work ladies. I have also read that you found the sales stock disappointing, so I thought I'd share my pics and would love to read your feedback. Good buys or not?? The pics have come out a bit lighter because of the flash, but the bag is a deep blue (almost navy) the ballet flats are a dark chocolate brown and the slingbacks are black with a burgandy sole. The bag was from the Bond street boutique at £518 (30%) off and the shoes were from Selfridges, the cambon flats were £175 down from £245 and the slingbacks were £200 down from £295. I have already posted the stocks at Bond Street in the shopping thread.
    cambon ballet.JPG chanel slingback.JPG chanel slingback2.JPG chanel box.JPG
  2. Here's what was inside the box,
    Does anyone know what this bag is called it's calfskin with a perforated flap but I don't think that it's from the perforated line because that was in lambskin??? The bag seems very durable.
    chanel flap 1.JPG chanel flap 2.JPG chanel flap 3.JPG
  3. BTW I know the last time I posted I was going on a purse ban, but I couldn't resist a bargain, I am now officially on a purse ban (I hope!!):heart:
  4. Gorgeous purchases, Syma!!:tup: I must visit Selfridges too!!
  5. i'm so jealous! great buys! congrats
  6. love the bag!!=)
  7. you got freat deals I am soo jelous of the cambon flats, but I am on a ban so I must resist temptation
  8. Great deals!
  9. Great finds Syma!
    Thanks for keeping us Brits up to date! BTW did you see any Baby Khaki Cabas in stock as I really want one, forget the purse ban! hahahahaha
  10. Congrats syma and i was wondering when does chanel usually do there sales and what is the % in sales on handbags, as i to live in the UK.
  11. Brilliant choices Syma - well done you. Enjoy every moment of them!
  12. Sorry CB I've only seen the black baby cabas around so far, but I'm sure more stocks are going to start rolling in. I will keep you posted if I spot one.
  13. The Sales started on the 28th June in the boutiques and Selfridges with handbags at 30% off. Harrods Sale starts 2nd July
  14. Congrats! I love your new bags!
  15. Great buys!!