for the tPF moderators

  1. You guys won't remember me (I'm sure thousands of people here register everyday!) but I introduced myself in that other thread as that refugee worker who travelled for 10 years doing her share in "making this world a better place" (Did I mention that I'm 33?). I belonged to that group that imagines how many children in Asia and Africa can be fed with just 1 limited edition LV purse.

    Anyway, I got married and settled here in Rio de Janeiro. It's a wonderful place where the sun always shines! I've been a member for almost a month now. I stumbled into the site when I was looking for a gift for his grandmother.

    I guess what I really want to say is that this site has helped me understand a bit about how others feel about these expensive purses. You see, I married into a traditional family here and I couldn't understand how women can be so proud of saying that they've never worked in their lives and live comfortably in their beach front apartments. I even feel confident in writing this coz his family's foreign language is french and not English. Although my father-in-law speaks 7 languages, nice huh?

    Thank you so much. You guys are doing a wonderful thing here.

    Cheers! It's almost winter here.


    P.S. Guess what? I entered the LV shop near my apartment and am thinking of buying one for me, is that ridiculous?
  2. You have been HOOKED! LOL! Congrats on seeing our point of view as well!!Let us know if you buy one-Love to see pics!!
  3. would love to see what you will be getting here.. have fun in rio de janeiro....
  4. Hi Jennifer

    Congrats on your wedding - if you do succomb to the LV addiction please post here - best of luck xxx :biggrin:
  5. Thank you so much for posting.

    The best of luck with your exciting new life.