For the Techies LV USB

  1. LV are rumoured to be making a USB

    but in true Vuitton style it is no simple USB it will be gold or white gold with alligator or ostrich skin too

    No idea of capacity or price yet
  2. Wow! What will they think of next?!!
  3. ooh - interesting. Don't think i'd get one though b/c work gave us all 1GB USBs
  4. yum! Reminds of those "Legos" and "gold bricks" design :love:
  5. Awwww.. damn Claire - you beat me to it!!! lol :p I just saw it on the popsugar site!
  6. Errrr... not for me :push: I'd rather stick with the generic brands. Once it breaks I can throw it away :biggrin:
  7. heheh sorry
  8. I'm sure the price will be more costly than any of my pc or NB.....
  9. Oh wow, that's different!
  10. More info on USB looks like there will be a few varieties

    White Gold and LV logos with digital clock, yellow diamond on white gold key.
    - White gold, ostrich leather, yellow gold chain and key, blue sapphire
    - White gold satin polished finish, white gold chain and key, pink sapphire
    - White gold, black alligator leather, black PVD treatment on white gold (chemical pulverize on it), mechanical clock that you can arm behind the US Bijou, and a green sapphire
    All US bijoux have 40Gb memories.
  11. wow, very interesting. thanks 4 posting!
  12. LV USB? Wow... Hmm.
  13. Silly looking!
  14. sorry, but i doubt these are official pictures. looks like some Industrial Design student's project. i've seen something similar before like an LV phone or new bag designs all done in CAD. but i could be wrong.
  15. not for me.......ill stick to my 1gb blinged usb flashdrive :]