for the speedy owners....

  1. yesterday my boyfriend and i went to the LV store in beverly and i got a monogram speedy 30... finally! i was excited since it seems to be the must have that most LV lovers recommended... However, wheni bought it i was surprised when the sales rep showed me that the bag is stored FOLDED! i was like... ouch poor louie! but she reassured me that the wrinkles from them fold comes out. But when i came home, i opened the bag up, and now theres like 4 sort of harsh wrinkes from the folded edges..... its been one day and hasnt come out yet....ive been stuffing the bag with towels too...
    has this happened to anyone else?? you think im making a big deal out of nothing? or should i try to exchange it?
    also one more thing that bothered me is that im not sure if its from the folded storage, but the bag looks so "distorted" shaped! i have to keep on adjusting it to make it look "speedy"!
  2. Not to worry. Creases will come out eventually. Try leaving your bag out in the sun (when canvas get heated, creases go away in no time at all).:idea:
  3. Also, they should come out with use :smile:
  4. Don't worry! It will come out very quickly. Within about 2 weeks your speedy will look great. All of us who bought monogram speedies from the bourtiques had this - it just takes a little time.
  5. Please do not worry. Most mono speedies come like this. Given time, the creases will leave.
  6. It will get better- just use it and it will get in shape!
  7. Yep, don't worry. The damier and mono speedies come folded and the creases will go away. I like that the speedies are so flat and compact when folded - so much easier for travelling...
  8. thanks for all the replies! =)
    now i feel a lot better!!! Im keeping the bag stuffed and letting it sunbath by the window right now as suggested by LV addict:smile: hopefully it will look nice and shaped and ready for use soon! i love all of u knowledgable purseforum gals!
    one more question - do u guys prefer purseket or little cardboard/magazine at the bottom to prevent the sag?
  9. HI...I remember my speedy came folded, she had a crease on one side that went away, I kept her stuffed while she slept...very tired after sunbathing all day! I did that too!!
  10. Yes, the creases in my Speedy went away after storing her stuffed with t-shirts overnight and with use.
  11. Congrats on your speedy..don't just have to start carrying that beauty..
  12. i heard that they are actually shipped that way. don't worry about it.
  13. yes...they are syhipped that way! Everyone's advice was dead on....just use the heck out of her and they'll disappear!
  14. happened to me as well..

    dont worry though, they come out.

    I've been using it for almost 3 weeks straight and they're almost all gone! :smile:
    just be patient and in no time your speedy will look great!
  15. Mine has them too, but she is still pretty new...I have had that with past speedies and they all went away...enjoy!