For the Self-Employed...

  1. Where do find hope when you business encounters stagnation? I am so scared and depressed. Business has been really tough for me and recent disappointments this past week in my personal life has made things all the more tough. I am so scared of the future. One minute, everything is in step, the next minute it all falls apart:cry: .
  2. What kind of biz do you have? I am self employed as well, so I know what you mean, but I learned a while ago that you have to rely on yourself and the tides of business...
  3. Be strong, envyme, this too shall pass. I truly believe (and have experienced) that we are never given a challenge without the ability to overcome it. You have the love and support of all of us. If we can do anything, just ask.

    big hugs to you!:heart::heart:
    love, Pippi:flowers:
  4. Real Estate.
  5. I would think in RE you really need to learn to roll with the tides..when you get anxious about things do get less productive and sort of freeze?
  6. My brother is in real estate, too. The market will swing, but it will swing back, too. You will be fine. Trust the universe.
  7. I think that the 360 that has happened to my personal life is compounding my professional fears. It sucks when the most important things in your life turn sour AT ONCE.
  8. I'm sorry you are having a rough time! :flowers:
  9. That's usually how it goes. when it rains, it pours. Luckily, the rain brings flowers later on.
  10. Hang in there envyme, everything will pass soon and better news will come your way.
  11. Hi, I am in real estate too, things are pretty crummy down here in Florida right now, , but.....they way I survive these times is, getting many leases, right now the sale market is bad but rental market is good, do not know what part of the country you live in, but, relocation execs are always coming in and needing rental properties and the properties they rent are in a nice price range, try to get yourself accredited as a leasing agent for these relo companies, you can get a handsome amount on each lease and they are repeat customers, also, now is the time to call your investors, as the market goes down, call any and all investor/buyers you know, they come out and buy only when the market recedes.....I am sure you know all this, but, we have to reassure ourselves that there is always a market open for us, sorry that your personal life is also not great, but....again......this will also change......I will be praying for you
  12. Hey envyme, sorry, I have no advice. But I just wnat to wish you the best! Hope things start looking up soon.
  13. as the child of a successful real estate broker for i'd say over thirty years

    if you don't have confidence in yourself than your not able to make a sale
    so don't let life get you down othrwise you will lose control over makign that sale and also your overall survivial
  14. my whole family is in real estate. what usually sustains them is having your hands in other cookie jars concurrently so that you can jump from one avenue to another, i.e. have your real estate license, property management, liquor licenseing, consultation services, marketing etc. on a freelance basis so that you can manage whichever business is booming at that particular moment.

    I have applied these principals in my life too juggling various arenas of creative professionalism depending on what is 'hot' at the moment. 3 years ago most of my jobs were creating websites - now with the demand of hd tv, airbrush makeup is being much more in demand so I am dipping my hand in that too...anyway, my advice is to perhaps dip your expertise into another venture that is perhaps more profitable until the market swings back up again.

    good luck!
  15. Feel better Envyme! I've had ups and downs in my business too, but things always pick back up after a while. Just hang in there! Give it a week or two and hopefully things will turn out better. If you need to vent or need any other kinds of support just know that we are all here for you! Feel better!