For the scarf lovers

  1. Thought I'd throw out something new to get your juices flowing--

    Have you seen the twill scarf edged with sable yet?

    Fur's not my thing, so it's not for me, but it's astonishing. It's light as air.

    When I saw someone wear it as a head scarf, I kept thinking Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago...

    Now, about the price--buckle your seatbelts--because Hermes always uses the finest materials---$7,000! :wtf:
  2. Yep, I saw it. Plaisers du Froid. It was very elegant and beautiful. However, at first sight of the fur I started to itch.
  3. Wow, I'd love to see a picture of that! Fur is not my thing either, but it sounds beautiful!

    ^^LOL, hg!:roflmfao:
  4. Ohhhh!!

    I haven't seen it! Bet we don't get them, it's almost Summer here now...

    Seven grand!!!!
  5. GF - you might get to see it in 6 months' time! LOL. Like me walking into H two weeks ago when you told me about the panamas in your store, and seeing the SA's reaction, and realising oops, right, winter.
  6. He,'s funny.....actually I was hoping for plenty of toile bags being around since we're in season, but my store isn't expecting any.....boohoo....

    We DO get the scarves in the correct (European) season, and the RTW. We have the A/W scarves at the mement, and there IS a mink neck-wrap thingy in the store right now....
  7. Ooooh. The mink wrap thing-y sounds nice. :love: Fur's so un-PC in so many countries that I hesitate sometimes to wear full fur, but fur collars really do keep the chill at bay.

    I guess that's why the sable-edged scarf is called Plaiseurs du Froid. Once you're wrapped up and warm ,winter is totally great. :P

    A fur-edged scarf or collar or neck wrap is also a bit more discreet than a full fur coat or jacket. In London on Bond St on saturdays, there's usually a group of anti-fur protesters outside the Joseph/Ferragamo store. I make it a point to dress accordingly, because I have visions of being pelted with rotten eggs or having a pie shoved in my face otherwise!! :wtf:
  8. HA! I know what you mean..I have done fur hats for clients, and we have similar conversations!!

    On the coldest winters day in Sydney, if I wore the mink neck thingy, I would still break a sweat...SO impractical here..
  9. Time to move to Melbourne then!! Oops. No, maybe not. Melb H shop not as good as the one in Sydney from what I infer. :sad:
  10. Actually, from the enquiries I've been making lately, it seems the Gold Coast is the place to be for Hermes!! They may just have a bag for me later this year, and they ALWAYS seem to have the stock I'm after!!
  11. Ah well, just the place for a family holiday then..... (about 6-8 times a year, usually when the store gets new stock in). :P
  12. Going by what's around atm, you infer correctly.:graucho: Although.. that said, there is a 28 retourne Kelly toile/leather combo, just sitting on the shelf in Melb..
  13. Orange Bolide 1923 in the window Syd this AM.....
  14. OOOOOOH!! :drool: :drool:
  15. Sue...whats the leather??