For the sake of cuteness - pictures!

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  1. Hehehe! As some of you know, I am student teaching this semester!!!! I have been toting my raspberry getting warmer back and forth to the school for my files, water bottle, grading, pens and shoes and my purse has varied some. However, I had to bring some more things than would fit in my purse (teacher's edition textbooks = big!!!) and I ended up bringing my black up close and personal!

    I embellished with an adorable patent leather Coach apple charm... I just had to share!!! Isn't it so stinkin cute on the gorgeoussssssss black crunch leather!? I'm so in love! :heart::heart::heart:

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  2. Very nice bag and the apple charm is perfect for a teacher! ...I liked Up Close and Personal and Fashion Temple styles from Fall 2008
  3. I love it! And that bag is GORGEOUS!!!!!

    I was going to post earlier and ask if anyone ever uses charms or scarves with their Tanos.
  4. That apple charm is toooo cute and I love that bag !
  5. They look so perfect together. I only have a couple of HH charms, I wish I had a lot more charms!
  6. That is totally cute. When did you get the black UCAP? I totally don't remember your reveal on this bag!
  7. Thanks everyoneeeeeeee hehehehe I just HAD to share cause she was lookin so cute on my bed lol!

    Tori! I totalllllllly use charms and scarves with my tanos!

    kmh... I got the black UCAP in... ummmmmmmm.... lol I don't know! Whenever it was on sale on lunaboston! I loved my grape one so much that I figured I'd get it in black and keep it til my grape one was on it's last leg!
  8. Coach outlet = charms for $9.99 when you hit it right!!!! That's how my charm collection grew like crazyyyyyy!
  9. ^^The closest Coach outlet to me is about 320 miles away.:crybaby:
  10. ^^ Oh that is SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hugs: I'm sorry!
  11. (LOL)Sweetie I can relate:yes:. It starts getting kinda scary when you can't remember WHEN you bought a bag (I think bag-buying amnesia started for me after about #10 for the year). I really love your black UCAP. Very sleek and very professional. The apple is perfect because it gives a nice little "pop" to the bag.
  12. Oh...After reading the title, I thought you got a kitteh, TK!
  13. Cool!!!
  14. That charm looks terrific on that bag!!!