For The Record.........

  1. I totally love living so close to JAX. Whenever I order something and pay for regular shipping they always upgrade it to overnight for free!!!!!!!!!

    yayyyyyyy $350 gift card going to be here tomorrrrrrow, christmas gift from the MIL

    totally buying the new "Taryn" Sunglasses and PCE is still on and then I'll find something else lol!!!!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. I know how you feel about living close to JAX. I think that I live even CLOSER then you. I feel like it's here within minutes after I order.
  3. Right on Candace you will have fun with that nice gift card I just know it!
  4. Um besides the point, can I have your MIL for Christmas??? LOL!
  5. Your MIL is a keeper, Candace!
  6. haha i always tease my fiance and tell him she loves me more than him!!
  7. lucky girl! And I agree... $350 from mil?!?!? :drool: :wtf: Double lucky!!! :yes:
  8. That's a really nice gift, what a great MIL!
  9. damn, I thought my MIL was awesome... wanna trade ;)

    maybe I should give her more hints about my mini obsession with Coach and then she will get the hint :yes:
  10. Those new sunglasses are so cute! I have them on my list also. Great gift from the MIL! I'm up in the Atlanta area so its not too bad for stuff from JAX, but certainly not overnight!!
  11. What does MIL mean? I know this sounds stupid but I have thought and thought and still have no clue. Congrats on the gift certificate.

    Mother in Law DUH!!!
  12. wow! great mother in law you have there!!! I'm lucky if I get a mini skinny out of mine:lol:
  13. Can I borrow your MIL????????? You LUCKY girl!!!!!! Cant wait to see what you buy!!!!!!! CONGRATS on having such a GREAT MIL!!!!!
  14. Me again... what means MIL? Is a spanish word and in english it means "Thousand"... And by the way if somebody give a $350.00 gift card I will give him/her 1.000 kisses + 1.000 hugs!
  15. MIL means Mother In Law. :smile:

    I want a mother in law now!!! haha. :p