For the Philadelphia Folks

  1. Ladies and Gents:

    If you're looking for an awesome dessert place in Philly, you have to try The Naked Chocolate Cafe :love::love: Welcome to Naked Chocolate Cafe!

    I just went there a few minutes ago and got one of their frozen chocolate fruit drinks & a chocolate cupcake. Oh. My. God. It's pretty much the greatest thing ever.

    The place is super cute, brand new (opened 2 weeks ago) & so yummy.

    Anyway, I know there are lots of Philly/South Jersey girls on here. If you're looking for a cute place for dessert or to hang out, I definitely give this place a A++
  2. Thanks for sharing, jillybean! I walked by there on Friday and thought to myself "Ooh, this looks very L.A.!" I will try it after work. I've been looking for a place to fill my Sprinkles void ever since I got back from there. :crybaby:
  3. Oh, there's a coupon on the website too! Buy one drink, get one free!

    I hope you enjoy it! I think I've chocolated myself to death this weekend!
  4. cool gotta try this
  5. I live in NJ but I'm in PA near KOP a lot! I will definitely have to try this new place. Thanks Jillybean307! You don't understand how excited I Am!!!
  6. Ooooh, I can't wait til BF comes so he'd go with me.
  7. ooh..Jill..we oughtta meet up this week and go...LOL...dying to check it out..
  8. Sounds yummy. I may check it out. I run regularly on the east river drive, so maybe afterwards, I will run over there and try it out.:yes:
  9. Definitely! You know I'm never one to turn down chocolate!
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