For the perfect Clutch..How much are you willing to pay?

  1. I am on a search for the perfect everyday clutch...One that can be used when I don't have much to carry such as when I'm in the grocery store. (Below is a pic of one that I'm very fond of) All of the clutches that I adore are around the $200.00 to $300.00 range. That seems like alot of money for such a small bag. I all depends on how badly you want it and how much you're willing to spend. How about you? Have you spent alot on a clutch?
  2. most of my evening clutches are vintage glamour with heavy sequins and all that only cost me like 10$
    but lately my most expensive clutch purchase are my balenciaga satin and balenciaga leather for around 600 each.
  3. Here's a pic of my perfect clutch:love: . It's Chanel, so it was pricey at $895. I love it, though, as it's classy yet durable enough to actually use, and it holds quite a bit for a clutch.

  4. Oh, my...Those are some gorgeous bags....But sadly, out of my price range. So I guess that $200-$300 is not too much to ask for a quality clutch. Thanks so much for your replies.
  5. I don't know if it is your style but banana republic has some really nice wristlets. The leather is very soft and they have multiple compartments. They are great when you don't want to carry much. I can fit cash/credit cards, pack of gum, cell phone, chapstick, and car keys in mine. They run about $80.
  6. $900 or so, since I love clutches and wear them a lot so if I'd use it I'd pay for it.
  7. why dont you get a lauren merkin clutch? when she has a sample sale in NYC, the clutches can go for $90 especially her popular evelyn clutch. the clutch also comes in tons of colors and styles. i got the croc embossed purple one =) the leather is very soft too!
  8. Oh, how I wish! But I'm in Sarasota, FL and there are no sample sales of any kind that I know of. We have a Saks but any other high end stores are in Tampa, 50 miles north of here.
  9. I paid 3K :wacko: for the perfect (to me) clutch:

    JPG Kelly


    DH said I was INSANE but I LOVE it and I use it not only for evenings but also to go to lunches, taking kids to the movies, etc. when I don't need a big bag (just the one that fits the $$$, keys, phone, etc.)

    Tammy, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that CHANEL clutch!!! I am seriously considering getting one too!!!:graucho:
    JPG Kelly.jpg
  10. Gah, I keep seeing this Chanel clutch on the forums, and i love it... I dont know if my ban is going to hold up against this one. Must...resist...!
  11. Ha, realized I forgot to respond to the topic itself.

    It depends on how much I like it, and what it's made of. Normally I try to keep it under about five, since clutches are so small and you can only get so much wear out of them, but the first thing that can get me to want to make an exception is a clutch in an exotic skin. I'm a sucker for snake.
  12. I love the BV clutches--they're over 1K. If I ever decide to get one, I'd definitely spend that kind of money.