? for the Pearl Green Peyton owners

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  1. Hi All!
    What color dustbag came with the Pearl Green Peyton? I bought one in the summer @ the outlet and I think somehow all of my dustbags got mixed up in my closet.

    I would think that it came with a satin white one since the leather on the Pearl Green is light colored and "special" type of leather.

    It's been sitting in my closet with a brown dustbag. I took it out the other day and I noticed some tiny light brown smudges on it. I have only worn it out once and I was wearing light colors, so I don't think it came from rubbing on my clothes.

    I"m just wondering if I should switch it out to one of the big white satin dustbags?

    Also, do you think a damp cloth will get the smudges out? I'm soooooo scared to ruin the leather, but the care card says to just use a damp cloth since it's a special kind of leather.

  2. I have the metallic Peyton and my dustbag was white.
  3. I just bought a grey peyton and my dustbag is white too.
  4. I don't think my peyton came with a dust bag, but my metallic green peyton has a white dust bag. As far as getting smudges out - I"m not sure, hopefully, someone will be able to help.
  5. My metalic green Peyton has a white dustbag.
  6. I think mine is in a white dust bag. Sorry to hear about the brown smudges... do they go away with a little water on a soft cloth? Best of luck!
  7. Mine came with a white dust bag.
  8. Put it back in a white dust bag. I got a camel Zoe that didn't have a dust bag. I put her in a brown one...and now she has brown all over her. Color transfer is very hard to get out. HTH