for the older members - radiance injections

  1. Has anyone had radiance injections?
    Please post results!
  2. No, I've never heard of them. What are they? Are they similar to collagen injections, or botox?
  3. I've never heard of them either, but I'm curious. It might be something I'd like. I assume you would get them from your dermatoligist?
  4. Never heard of them, just wouldn't inject anything into my skin, maybe if things deteriorated badly but at the minute no way!
  5. I have heard of radiance, but don't know anyone wno has done it. It's a filler- similar to restylane I believe.
  6. Ok. I have had radiance and I love it! I have also had silikon 1000 which is a permanent filler. The areas I had filled were the naso-labial folds and the marionette lines. I did my homework though and thoroughly researched the subject. I have it done it NY by an excellent PS. I don't want to get into a long discussion here since I know some are VERY against any PS but if anyone wants to PM I will be able to give you a lot of info.
    YTF (yes, they're fake) is one of the best sites out there for detailed info. It also has a message board.
  7. I haven't done any injections but a good friend of mine is a plastic surgeon (his dad is also and does the skin care/injections). He said the newest thing is called Artofil which I think is a similar product to Radiance.
  8. Never heard of radiance inj., but had to add I love the site YTF!!!!!:heart: