For the NYC Ladies - Shoe Service Plus now has red soles for your CLs!

  1. There have been multiple threads about preserving the red soles on your CL shoes, and unfortunately the best solution to really preserve the red soles was to purchase the $20 poor quality red soles from yummychouchou on eBay (the reason I say these soles are poor quality is because the sole is too thick for delicate CL shoes, once these soles are placed on, the shoe is no longer flat to the ground - not sure how to best describe this but I will post a photo later). Well if you live in NYC, you can now get thin red soles applied to your CL shoes at Shoe Service Plus. I think that Shoe Service Plus is the best cobbler in the city, albeit their fees are very high.

    Iam sure that it is just a matter of time before all cobblers start ordering the red soles for CL shoes.
  2. One more comment, I believe that SSP will deliver shoes anywhere, so you can always ship your shoes there for service and they will send them back to you in like new condition.
  3. Thanks for the update! Guess this means I'll have to make more frequent trips to SSP from now on. I know SSP is known for working wonders on high-end shoes and is the #1 recommended cobbler of all the major boutiques (CL, MB, etc., also Saks, BG), but I've only used them once due to their high prices. Do you know how much they charge for their version of the red zip sole plus the service charge of applying that sole?
  4. So the heavy material pulls the toe downward, right? Could be fixed by cutting a groove at the steepest part of the bend, if you wanted to use it as a longer-wearing sole. That is, when you've worn clear through the first sole!:wtf:
  5. Can't wait to see pics! :idea::flowers:
  6. ohhhh.........good to know because I just bought those soles to put on my Decolette. Please post pics when u have a chance. So overall are these soles pointless/worthless?
  7. Great info, thanks for sharing!
  8. great news! thanks for sharing
  9. Have you tried them aside from sole services?? I really miss my cobbler in San Francisco and have been looking for the best one in NYC. The messed up pavement in new york really messes up my shoes!!! :crybaby:
  10. Foxy - the charge to apply new soles and change the heel lifts is $44. I am not sure what the charge is to apply just soles but I plan to be there again later this week so I will let you know.
  11. gray - since the red soles that yummychouchou sells are very thick and heavy, once the soles are applied to the shoe, the shoe is no longer flush to the ground because of the thick soles. The soles that SSP now carries are much thinner, and therefore more suitable for delicate high heeled shoes.

    Stinas - I don't think that the soles from yummychouchou are worthless, I just think that they are poor quality for the $30 that he/she charges. For the same money, SSP can apply a better quality sole to your shoes without the hassle of dealing with ebay. If you are in the NYC area, I recommend it.

    D&G - this is the only cobbler that I trust with all my high end shoes. And supposedly so do most women in NYC and like Foxy mentioned above, most dept stores and shoe boutiques send their shoes to this cobbler for repair. They have accounts with almost every high end shoe boutique. One of the main reasons that I like them is because they are very honest, if they don't think they can help you, they will tell you right away rather than providing a service that you will be disappointed with.

    I will post pics of the shoes that are soled with yummychouchou soles and the SSP soles (once I get them back later this week) so you can see the difference.
  12. thank you for the info. :flowers: this is really good to know. I used to go to shoe and leather service in san francisco who services neimans, gucci, etc. so this would be the equivalent for me. Thank you again!
  13. I use 2 different cobblers here in NYC.

    Angelo's is one, on 5th and 53rd. For my CL's, once the red has worn off, they actually replace the sole with a red leather that is very much like the red of CL (except not quite as glisten-y). What's great about this is that it is leather, and it's a sole replacement, so it's like having new shoes! Also, because what they use is a red leather, the red doesn't disappear with wear. The cost is about $70 a pair, however. But if it's a CL you love, it may be worth it to check it out.

    I'm not sure if they ship, but here's the #: 212-757-6364
  14. Thanks ladies. This is good info to know.
  15. Kamilla, if you do go this week, please do post pictures when you get your CL's back! I'd love to protect a few new pairs that I bought for the fall that I can see traipsing around in all the time!