For the Marylanders!!

  1. I'm not a Chloe girl, but I thought I should tell y'all!! I was at the DSW in Bethesda yesterday and i saw a few Chloe Paddingtons in the display cases (I don't know what styles etc.) priced at $1200. They were of different colors. I should have taken pictures... Anyway, anyone interested should call up there and get the style numbers etc.:idea:
  2. Thanks so much envy :flowers: I'm not in Maryland, but i guess anyone can call and have them ship!
  3. Thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  4. Thanks girl!!

    If I hadn't just plunked down a mint for Ms. Ava (mmmmm, Ava.....) I'd be all over that! LoL I guess my DSW $20 incentive wouldn't go that far on a Paddy hehe