For the males

  1. What LV would you give to your a) boyfriend? b) brother? c) dad? :confused1: (And we're not talking ties, shoes, jewelry or watches.)
  2. Suggestions:
    -Wallet like the Taiga Florin wallet, Epi Billfold with 6 CC's, or Damier Multiple Bill Holder.
    -Messenger bag like the Melville Messenger, Olav PM, or Bosphore GM.
  3. Men's bag particularly Azur Naviglio, Damier Bastille, Monogram Abesses, Damier Geant bags, Taiga Alexei, Sacoche leather Bags, Bequia leather bags. Its is endless.......
  4. The sacoche looks particularly yummy. Thanks.
  5. Damier Brazza wallet, Damier Geronimos, Damier Geant Mage or Archer, Azur Naviglio, money clip, many too name!
  6. BF : Epi Sirius
    Brother : Bastille Damier
    Dad : Epi KeepAll 55
  7. Guys are the hardest to give to but I think a nice leather wallet in taiga would be perfect. You could be adventurous with messenger bags or luggage.
  8. i gave my ex-boyfriend the Taiga Florin wallet, and the one before him the Taiga Viktor, Taiga bookfold wallet (the one with 9 credit card slots), and Taiga 6-keyholder. i think any of these would be good for a brother, dad and boyfriend -- although from experience maybe the keyholder would be best for the boyfriend, so that when the relationship ends you won't watch so much money walk away too :lol:
  9. I gave my DH a Taiga pocket organizer and Damier passport cover (although he kinda took that one) so far. And he wants a Damier Keepall 50 for our anniversary.

    My DH is the most non-metro person. So I think any of the above would be safe to give any guy.
  10. These suggestions are making my mouth water! The Epi sirius is a great advise. Thanks, fromparis. :tup:
    epi sirius.jpg
  11. I like the suggestions of a wallet or messenger bag. If the man in question uses a briefcase, a briefcase would also be nice.
  12. i got my BF a damier keepall last year for his b-day.
  13. :graucho:I hear that!
  14. I think a wallet, tie, or a smaller size messenger bag would do. DH's epi wallet still looks new after 7 years of use. I am getting a damiler olav pm for him since it is a good size bag for everyday use.
  15. I would personally get my boyfriend something from the Damier/Damier Geant line. Citadin PM, Geronimos, Bastilles, etc.