For the Luxe Ligne Flap owners...r/o

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  1. I am wondering for the gals who are owners of the Chanel Luxe Ligne Flap, are you still in love with your bag? Do you use it as an everyday bag? Is it practical, functional? Will you still love it 10 years from now? Is the size perfect or too small or big? I am 5'2, would it be too big for me? Thinking about buying it, theres one on ebay. The seller bought it in 2006, still with tags, asking for $1,550, is that a deal? Thank you in advance!:Push:

    Is this bag considered a "classic" bag?
  2. i wouldnt consider it a classic because they stopped making it- or at least they drastically changed the design. i like to put a lot of stuff in my bags and i was surprised by how much it fits. its very practical/functional. 1550 is a good deal assuming its in good condition- bought mine last year for about 2400 (i think). i say go for it!
  3. I own one. I picked it up during the December sales for $1375 plus tax ($1493.94).
    I think the bag is a great everyday bag. Very functional, and not that big. My daughter is 5'4", but very petite and it looks great on her. I actually think it looks small on me as I am 5'7", but I like it because for the things I carry, the size is perfect (and I am not so paranoid or careful carrying it like my classic flaps).

    The price is good since it will be unlikely you will find this sale bag anywhere. Mine is non-metallic bordeaux leather. I say go for it.
  4. I'm 5'2" and think its a perfect size. I bought mine new for $2250 for the bronze metallic. I have seen some great deals on eBay for this bag lately, but I think the $1550 is pretty reasonable if its new with tags. I don't think its a classic but I still love it and expect to keep it for some time.
  5. I wouldn't consider it a "classic" either but it's still a great bag. $1550 is an okay price but not if they bought it on sale for $1493. I might try and bargain with them a little bit. Good luck on your choice!