for the love of veiny leather!

  1. Is veiny leather on a b-bag considered to be a bad thing?
    I was just at Barney's looking at all the b-bags, and one bag in particular caught my eye and I am in love with it. it was brown (I don't know the shade name, but it was a darkish neutral brown) and the day hobo style. The leather was really veiny... it almost looked patterned it was so veiny. They had other styles in this color, but none of them had this same crinkly veiny leather. I am seriously considering running back to the store because I loved this bag so much.
    But is leather like that less durable, or considered to be a flaw?

    I'm new to b-bags... I have one 06 black twiggy (a trade with a PFer) with thin but not at all veiny leather, and an 05 ice blue box that has really thick and smooshy leather.
  2. Some people want a smooth bag; others prefer veiny. It's just a matter of preference. Personally, I think veins give a bag character and I like veininess.
  3. I prefer my bbags to be veiny also! and shiney!! :love:
  4. Personal preference. I'm not a fan of the veiny leather. I like my bags older, like from 03-05, broken in, and with depth (variations in the tones of the color).
  5. I like veiny bags - but not too shiny...
  6. I like both. It really depends on the color. My ink is a bit veiny which adds flavor to the color. In some lighting, the veiniess brings out the purple much more. .... In most other bags, i love matte and shiny...
  7. Veininess could look so cool on some colours (and definitely on the Truffe that you have in my opinion) :smile:
    But yea I agree with Fashion Cult - not too shiny is best
  8. Truffle looks great VEINY
  9. ditto for me!
  10. ^^Î second : I love the veins on every brownish colors:love: ...
    They look vintage !!!
  11. I like veiny and also not-veiny.
    Each bag has its own character and that is what I REALLY love :heart:
  12. I love veiny!!!
  13. I like some veins too. I think each bag is its own work of art. I look at some of them and they don't do a thing for me but others are just beautiful. My ink city has some shine and veins on the back and I love it that way. But I saw an ink box that was veiny and shiney and the color of the ink just didn't look good to me at all.
  14. My origan (medium olive green) '06 Twiggy is veiny and somewhat shiny and I ADORE it!! The veiny-ness gives it so much character. I had it with me yesterday as I flew into Washington DC and as I walked through the airport, I just kept thinking, "I am carrying the most lovely purse in this airport.":smile: And I didn't care who noticed or who knew or anything.
  15. Veiny is awesome :biggrin: gives it character!!!...