For the Love of Unmentionables, Hosiery, etc


Dec 28, 2012
Bay Area
I searched and there seems to be no thread dedicated to luxury lingerie in the "I love lingerie" sense -- more of on questions of functionality,etc.

I'm one of those girls who buy lingerie for herself. I have an good mix of Vicky's, Hanky Pankies, Maidenform, Chantelle, etc. Lately, I've discovered high end brands like Christies, Marie Jo, Marlies Dekkers, etc. I am in love. To many, it may be senseless to drop nearly 200 dollars on a bra when no one (technically) can see it. But these bras give an undoubtably better shape at the same time just sooo lovely to wear.

As for hosiery, I was just into basic stuff like opaque tights, etc. However, I am now also in love with sheer stockings and tights! I love my Wolfords and Oroblu and would definitely like to get myself some Falke and Agent Provocateurs...

I'm hoping there are other women who share this interest in fine lingerie and hosiery! Please feel free to share your favorite e-tailers or brick and mortar stores, favorite labels, etc.

To start, my current faves are Christies and Marlies Dekkers!! :smile:


Jan 30, 2011
I love me a nice lacey underpinning but I usually have a hard time justifying the price of high end lingerie. Most of my stuff is VS.

P.S. Agent Provcateur has a sale on right now. :sneaky: