For the love of the bag or the love of the find?

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  1. Ok, usually I have a good idea of what I want but as you know sometimes money can sway your decision.

    I recently bought a bag that I had been searching for, for sometime. Its a color that I know other TPFers are searching for. So when I found it I didn't mind paying a bit more for it. It wasn't more than FP but I could have gotten 2 of the same bag in a different color. Well there is still one other color that I desire and I have found one, and once again if I get this I am passing up on the chance to buy 2 other colors that I do not own. (As you can see I am in love with this bag, I already own several others.)
    Well enough with the back story.

    So the question is should I buy the color that I desire that can sometimes be hard to find or pricey (which I found at an ok price), or just buy two colors that I like and have found for a more reasonable price?:thinking:
  2. I say buy what you really want because if you don't you will always be wishing you had when it was available to you.
  3. Agreed, buy the color you truely want.
  4. buy the bag you truly want or i find after buying the other 2 I go back and get the one I wanted anyway lol sooo in the end buying the one you really want saves money :O) well thats what I tell Hubby lol
  5. Yep, ITA!
  6. get the one you want! what bag is it!?
  7. Yep yep...this is me!! :yes: I agree get the one you really want!!
  8. I agree buy the one you really love and then work on the other two... If it is more rare than it will be harder to find later.
  9. Thanks, I think, part of it is just me trying to rationalize the money I'm spending, by convincing myself it's not so bad spending X amount of dollars on 2 bags, but Inch37 you're right, I'll still just end up getiing it anyway. Once I get it I will post my pics ( I am behind on all my 2010 purchase pics)
  10. For the love of the bag. Definitely.
  11. Buy for the love of the bag for sure. You will regret it otherwise, and it will cost you more for sure. I should know because I buy for price and learn to love my bags, but always want what I didn't get. 2 Examples of this was the patent red zoe, love it but got patent rose intead ($50.00 less) and patent jade maggie loved it but got plum maggie insted ($65.00 less). Guess what I am hunting for to round out my collection? Yes a red and green purse it is unlikely that I will find a red and a jade purse for less then the $110.00 I saved in the first place. Oh well the hunt is on again...
  12. Thats it exactly, I have built a nice collection of this bag, but I know it won't feel complete until I get the color that caught my eye the first time I seen it.
  13. I agree with everyone. I would buy the one I really want. If it is a good deal and I like it, that makes it better. But I am not going to buy something, just because it was a good deal.

  14. ITA! I did not jump on the atlantic Lily when it was avail, and after that I tried to find "substitutes" anywhere I the atlantic Peyton, which is actually a slightly prettier color IMO, etc. It didn't make me stop wanting and trying to find the Lily no matter how many bags I bought! I think what inch said is true too...sometimes you buy a bunch things you would not have bought just trying to fill that hole, so in the end, you're best off to get what you really want. Why torture yourself and possibly waste more money in the end? Deals are only deals if you really, really want the bag or otherwise it just ties up money when the "right" bag comes along. This is what I TRY to keep telling myself at the outlet, lol!
  15. I would get the color you want!!!

    I have passed on several bags and regretted it!!!

    Good Luck and Congrats!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin: