For The Love Of Rose Gold Jewellery !

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  1. I thought it would be fun to show our love here :biggrin:

    These are a just few of my rose gold pieces:

    Starting with the youngest in age and therefore quite a lighter, less rosey, colour - this due to the lower copper content compared to antique pieces which have a higher count, shown with my favourite semi precious stone, Rose Quartz.

    The other picture doesn't show details too well but they are all older pieces and i'll show them modelled individually over the next few days - with more too :graucho:

    Attached Files:

  2. Wow...they are all gorgeous!
  3. I love rose gold and will post pics later. I have a 20" dbty(inch) necklace from Helen Ficalora so the diamonds are tiny so charms can fit over them, pretty though. Also a HF love charm w a diamond and some bangles. As much as I love rosegold, and I think it is the perfect color to add if you are going to layer wg and yg, I find my rg gets dull easily. Do you find this? Well, maybe not dull but takes on the look of dull yg. I wish there was a good way to polish it and make it look new and rosy. Does anyone know of anyway to do this?
  4. Hi Jujuma, no, not at all, I've not found this happens, I don't do a thing to mine, not even clean it - that makes me sound unclean, but you know what I mean :P
  5. Is your rg 18 or 14k? I have heard that 18k can start to fade, but 14k rose supposedly does not.
  6. Are you sure it's gold or could it be silver with rose plating, if so you can clean it with silver cleaner.
  7. Was it originally quite rosy? I have 1 rose gold piece from VCA and it always looked like dull yellow gold.