For the Love of Hermes...Help Me!!!

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  1. EMNH, I didn't see LZ's pics (which are always superior) but in person Rodeo is pretty matte. Gorgeous texture and scent, too! I use a Bearn (old, ungussetted version) and small Azap. I like the Bearn because it's sleek but the hardware can be bothersome as mine has tarnished a bit. I prefer the smaller Azap since I don't carry too many cards. It also has a cute change comparment (lined in goat!)
  2. See...the thing is, I'm not fond of the Bearn's look but I like it's utility. The Dogon is cute, but I'm afraid of things getting into it...because it doesn't look snug.
  3. I stayed up til 2:00 am because of this...looking everywhere...on this forum, ebay....everywhere for a glimpse. Noisette looked different in each one.
  4. Bags are so much easier.
  5. i have the dogon in black togo and it's lovely!!!
    i would take chocolat from the 3!!!!
  6. It's Done...Thank You all for your input. I got the Noisette-Rodeo Dogon and a Chocolate Box Bearn-Epsom. Now I'm off to make reservations at The Four Seasons in Chicago. I'm going to treat my husband to a weekend in the city...unlike him I'm good at surprises.
  7. Sounds great! Post pics when you get it!! :smile:
  8. Yay EMNH! You made some lovely choices. You will love each for different reasons! Definitely post when you get them to let us know how you like each. A weekend in the city sounds like a great gift!
  9. Excellent choice - I came late to the party, but I would have said Noisette Rodeo in any case! Glad you chose such a FAB wallet! What a great DH!!!
  10. Thanks Greentea, Orchids and Grands Fonds. I hope I like it...ordering things without seeing it in person first always makes me nervous.

    Orchids, the Chocolate Bearn is for my sister...she's a Virgo she'll like the Epsom.
  11. Oh, wait until you open the package for the first time, the smell will engulf you. Veau rodeo smells the way leather should smell. And I'm a huge fan of noisette. I wish I could wear it, but it looks great on my friends who have earth tone coloring.