For the Love of Hermes...Help Me!!!

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  1. My husband is in the midst of trying to surprise me with an Hermes treat...he's not very good at keeping surprises. So long story short, I have these choices. Which one is the best? Please take into consideration, I have only seen GOLD TOGO/Gold HW in person.

    Choices for DOGON wallet with gold hardware:

    1. Noisette-Veau Rodeo.---does the grain make the color darker or lighter than say...Epsom? Color charts aren't helping me right now.

    2. Chocolate-Togo.---Is this lighter or darker than Ebene?

    3. Gold-Togo.---should I just go this route? I don't own any Gold.

    Also please add comments about the Dogon wallet itself. I need to know likes/dislikes.

    I've been using a Goyard wallet for the past 4 years. I'm a creature of habit...changing wallets is a big deal for me.
  2. I love the Dogon wallet...well, I don't have one but if I was going to buy an H wallet that would be it. :smile: Of those choices I would go with Chocolate (I think it's lighter than Ebene). yum!:yahoo:
  3. 1. I haven't seen Noisette in Veau Rodeo but from the colors I have seen in this leather, it would seem to appear darker than in Epsom, which usually seems to make colors appear lighter

    2. Chocolate Togo is lighter than Ebene. Ebene is the darkest of the browns. It can look like black in certain lighting.

    3. Gold Togo is classic!

    I'm not a fan of the Dogon wallet. It has a lambskin interior, and in lighter colors would show a lot of wear from dirty bills and coins. It's also quite large and floppy. I like my wallets to have a little "body" and I prefer goatskin linings for the bill and coin compartments. Not always the case for the bill compartment, but as far as I've seen, coin compartments are almost always lined in goatskin.

    Good luck!
  4. Yep, chocolate is lighter than ebene.
    I'd go with gold since you don't have any. :yes:
  5. Mmmmmmmm, I would get the Rodeo simply on the smell.

    BTW, being a creature of habit is a Cancer trait.
  6. I have Ebene in evercalf/eversoft small the Chocolate going to be so dark that I won't find it easily in in a black purse? My husband says the gold hw will make it easier to find...can I tell you the look I gave him?

    What's with all this FLOPPY business? I fit's so floppy and sloppy, why is it popular? Is it because there are like two choices for wallets. Dogon or Bearn?
  7. Oooh....I love these types of dilemmas.
    There is a Moka Dogon that LZ has on eBay right now in Veau Rodeo--and it simply looks sumptuous! So I can only imagine what the Noisette would look like! All 3 of your color options sound divine.
    eBay: 3595 auth Hermes DOGON Combine ladies wallet MOKA (item 150053321981 end time Dec-01-06 12:30:00 PST)

    I have the Dogon in Rouge Garance Togo, and I really like this wallet although the regular size is huge so I use my Bearn when I'm using smaller bags. No problem in fitting in the Birkins of course. It actually has the same amount of credit card slots as the bi-fold Bearn.

    1) the pull-out change purse with 2 credit card slots. If you stick a license and a credit/ATM card in there you can just take it out and slip it in an evening bag.
    2) the overall look and feel--it's just a different and heartier type of wallet
    3) durability--feels less fragile than my Bearn; I have no qualms about chucking this around.
    4) the fact that you don't flash everyone with your credit cards when you open up the flap, unlike the Bearn. Azap has this great quality too.
    5) Lots of space for loose receipts.

    Cons: the size-it can get in the way in a smaller bag.

    Overall, I love this wallet, but a Bearn is sleeker and takes up less space. So I switch depending on the bag. The Azap Zip is also a nice option--zip-around wallet and comes in several sizes.

    One note: if you get the compact sized Dogon--you will have to fold up your bills--there's no billfold unlike in the compact Bearn or the pocket Azap zip.
  8. BTW, being a creature of habit is a Cancer trait.[/QUOTE]

    Tru Dat.
  9. .
  10. A thousand thank you's Orchids...your info is crucial!
  11. I have an azap and love it! I also have a bearn and love it as well - don't have the dogon though.....I also say the bearn is annoying with that showing half of your cc's/license thing...I'm also interested in the smaller azap as mine is the larger one...good luck with your decision!
  12. No problem...wallets are a tricky thing--there are so many variations. Let us know what you wind up deciding!
  13. Is Veau Rodeo glossy like Clemence or is that LZ's lighting?

    24, Fauburg...Thank You for comments...which wallet do you carry...if I might ask?
  14. I don't love the's not wallety enough.