for the LOVE of GOD...why does ebay keep allowing this?

  1. I just read not too long ago that Ebay was being sued by Louis Vuitton and other designers for allowing counterfeit goods to be sold as authentic on their website. Its sickening when you go onto EBAY and it is literally crawling with these types of auctions! It doesn't take a Phd :Push: to figure out who the major counterfeit sellers are...I mean come on...a NEW AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON for 49.85??? oh..and not just 1 or 2 of the crap....50-100 each of the 50-100 bogus sellers!...:hysteric:

    eBay: Auth. LOUIS VUITTON Shopper handbag/bag Brand New (item 140044995639 end time Oct-23-06 23:59:43 PDT)

    Come on reputable!...You're getting as bad as yahoo!

    **I feel much better now ...that I've gotten that off of my chest..thanks for letting me rant**:rant:
  2. You would think it would be easy for them to filter out these multiple listings on inactive accounts and not allow them to get posted. My listings are delayed for hours.

    This one is a hijacked account that had been inactive for over a year. Sheesh! I reported it. Why do I have to police ebay when they are making so much money????
  3. Round one for eBay the judge just threw the class out and that eBay is not responsible for Louis Vuitton trademark policing.
  4. You can REPORT the listings at the bottom hit REPORT then click on the right areas. There is a section for FAKE HANDBAGS
  5. i reported a fake that i got scammed into buying and guess what?? it's selling for crazy money still on ebay! its like they protect the sellers sometimes with fake stuff, take off auth stuff. i hate ebay. :cursing:
  6. Today I was reading a fashion mag and there was a full page ad "Fake is Never Fashionable" with a phone number to report makers or sellers of phony bags.
  7. I called out a customer in my store the other day....I said FAKES ARE TACKY and ILLEGAL and PEOPLE KNOW.....Sorry I'm a witch about it but if you can not afford it do not help low lifes that make that crap!!!!
  8. No you did not!! Did you?
  9. Pinki:
    Where did you find this out? I would like to read the article-Thanks:idea:
  10. Good for you! Did she have a response????

    A friend of mine who shares my love of AUTHENTIC handbags were just invited to another blasted "purse party" where everything is counterfeit. We told the woman they are illegal and she flat refused to believe us!!!:cursing:

    I'm so scared to chance buying handbags on Ebay. I realize there are some trusted sellers, but I'm too chicken to take the chance!
  11. I am chicken too...I had a repetative nightmare last night about buying a Coach on ebay and it having LV logo stuff in was sooooooo weird!! Well they are some local college student regulars..never really spend money just look around...and she was like I would go broke here...I said "I would rather buy Coach bags then more lingerie with my discount" She said she would rather drop more on lingerie and carry fake bags...I went on a speech lol

    A friends sister myspaced me to invite me to get in on the "great deals" of a purse party and I flat out told her it was fakes and its illegal

    Just moving (buying or selling) 2 fakes could land you in jail up to 4yrs...more more and up to 10 or more...not WORTH IT...If I buy one at the thrift for resale and its fake I burn it!!
  12. Yes, where did you find this out Pinki? I would like to follow this case too.
  13. I'll try to find the news article it was as recent as last week. I tried to post the whole thing, but my computer is crashing alot. Im in the process of transferrring all my data on back up to my DH pc. Be patient though. I wll find it cause I was screaming mad about this article :cursing: If anyone notice eBay stock is going up and they are so smug. It's not only 50 fakes an hour anymore, but triple that amount!:cursing: I got tired of reporting all this even with 10 windows open to report 100 at a time!:s
  14. Maybe I'm geek but I made a macro so that I could report about 100 fakes in under 5 minutes. :wlae:so when I'm bored I can just report shed load of new LVs that are selling for say, $50. It could be just a tiny dent, but it helkps all the same.