For the lady who wants a taste of elegance..

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  2. ok thats ponyhair right? May be a dumb question. But do they kill horses for this?
  3. ^ Nah, I think someone else said something about that but its just hair, like off their tail or mane. I dont think they actually kill the horses for it.

    I love the color of that wristlet! I dont think I could care for it properly though.
  4. i kinda like it :upsidedown:
    but i wish it came in another color.. i think this one is hard to match :P
  5. I thought the same thing, but Abandonedimages's response sounds reasonable.
    I am not a big fan of that color.
  6. I really like the color! (I'm into jewel tones) I'm not too keen on the whole "ponyhair" thing though. Personal preference, but I would feel wierd carrying bits of animal hair and well, I'd probably ruin it since I'm sure that type of material needs extra special care!
  7. Great color! I think it's just the hair off the tail.
  8. To be completely honest, I am not convinced that the hair came off of the horse's tail. There are so many horse slaughterhouses in the US and Europe that I am thinking that it is the actual hide from the animal. I own a horse and the texture of the hair of the wristlet looks like the hair on his actual hide. The hair on his tail and mane are so long...the hair also lays the wrong way for it to be from the hair on his tail.

    Also, how would they attach the hair? I am 99 percent sure that it is the actual hide from the horse. :yucky:
  9. Hmm I'm not so sure about this---- I mean, even if they clean it, it's still from the horses hair on their rear end....It would just be kinda weird carrying around part of a horses tail, but that's just my opinion.
  10. I agree w/ couturegrl...It would be very difficult w/ hair from the mane & tail & have it look like that. It's not for me..not my taste.
  11. i only carry leather and fabric, i could never carry this, since it is like actual hair and i would just feel really odd, but thats what i heard from the coach SA LOL!! and i wanted to see how everyone would react to this since i saw the fur wristlet thread.
  12. According to Coach they're made with calf hair, not pony hair. They don't actually claim it's pony hair, they named this the Pony line, but it's made from cows, not horsies.
    A friend picked up the $800 Pony satchel the other night, it's gorgeous. I was eyeing the wristlet, but have no legitimate use for it. The matching iPod nano case, which she had thought she really wanted, didn't look so hot in person. I loved the Pony hobo, too, but the satchel was totally TDF. She thought she would get the Op Art satchel, but surprised herself by falling in love with the Pony satchel, instead.
  13. oh lol i mean the SA told me this wristlet is "for the lady who wants a touch of elegance" not the hair part lol.
  14. wow actually when i sell my burberrys with leather accents and trade me my mj fran i wont have a leather bag..
  15. ok i checked at work 2day and it is not made out of pony hair. it is made out of calf hair.