For the girl who has everything this Christmas :p

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  1. :lolots: Yes, definitely!
  2. Haha now I wish I cramp so bad while PMS-ing so I have a reason to buy it! :lolots:
  3. :lol: LOL!
  4. oh wow! are you kidding? hehe
  5. Lmao!
  6. Unbelievable!
  7. Wow...I can have my period in style!
  8. :lolots:
  9. LOL!!!l
  10. omg. Chanel actually came out with this ? hahaha
  11. This is sooo cool !:greengrin:
  12. Unbelievable! :lolots:
  13. no way!!!!! LOL!
  14. Is this authentic? xD

    Like it though... :biggrin: