For the gentleman of the thread...

  1. In the June 4 issue of Us Magazine, on page 36 you can see a picture of a MEN'S BESACE in use. It is actor Dean McDermott, more commonly known as Tori Spelling's husband. He's 6' 3" tall and he is wearing it messanger style. I didn't want to just add this to the celebrity thread and have the guys miss it, especially our newbie who was looking to buy his first Bbag!
    05-25-07027.jpg 05-25-07026.jpg 05-25-07010.jpg 05-25-07011.jpg
  2. OMG...!!! it looks SO COOL...!!! :nuts:

    must make my dad get one... :graucho:
  3. i LOVE it.

    obviously i love men with bbags... but a straight man with a bbag is :love:

  4. Looks very cool, love it. Thnks for posting the pics!
  5. It looks cool and I have been wanting to get one in naturel too. But do you think this will look okay for me? I am 5"7 and female?
  6. :tup:
    I think it would look fine, especially in Naturel! The strap is adjustable too. Is there any stores near you that carry Bal bags so you can check it out?
  7. Yes, I can check how it looks on me. I am a little apprehensive cause it might look too masculine. Will check it out on monday, thanks for the input!
  8. Deana, I love that look on a guy! Thanks for posting the photo!
  9. I think this style would look equally good on a female and not look masculine at all. Go for it!!
  10. such a cute daddy with balenciaga!!!
  11. wow amazing!! would make a great travel bag (carryone) for my hubby!! how much do they retail for?
  12. He looks great, I love seeing guys wearing bbags. I should show this to my bf, I'm trying to convince him to get a balenciaga but he thinks wearing a bag is "gay"
  13. Is he using it as a diaper bag? That's a good idea for dads who don't want to tote around some stuffed floral thing. Very cool.
  14. That is so cool, thanks for posting Deana!

  15. Its kind of like, a flap messenger bag, which if I want to sound ignorant, is pretty "straight", the correct word would be masculine. Its not like he has a red city, I mean come on.