For the first time in my life I don't want my wallets matching my bags!!

  1. This is so freeing..I can't believe it!! All my life I WOULD NOT carry a bag unless the wallet matched perfectly. I absolutely hated the way I felt when my things didn't match but it really limited me to when I could buy new bags because I ended up spending almost the same on a wallet when I could have another bag!! I am so sick of it and have decided NO MORE:smile::smile:

    So another thing, I absolutely would have never carried a vernis piece..Now, I am convinced I want a Pomme pochette wallet to go with every bag from here on out OR a mongram wallet, what do you think??

    Right now I carry a Mini Lin Speedy, mini lin zippy wallet and mini lin cles (all in Ebene). I absolutely LOVE LOVE Mini Lin and will never part with it but I want some new monogram and damier bags..

    Has anyone else battled this before??

  2. I used to be all about Mono but I have recently fallen in LOVE with the Pomme Vernis
  3. YES!

    I've decided recently that I'm going to get a wallet that does not match any of my bags - either a vernis zippy or a Chanel wallet, and it is starting to bother me to pull my mono wallet out of my mono bag - boring...

    It used to be a big pet peeve of mine to have mis matched wallet and bag.
  4. I just bought a cabas mezzo and for the first time bought a wallet that didn't "match". I bought a pomme vernis koala. I LOVE the look of it with the mono. I say go for it and buy something different.
  5. Pomme vernis! It makes me happy every time I peek in my bag. I planned to get an ivory epi wallet to match my bag, but it didn't even compare with the pomme. It looks great with everything but purple. :p
  6. i think the same thing. :smile: that is why i decided to get a bag in Pomme (houston) after getting my pomme ludlow. i just loved staring at it so much. :love:
  7. I love the vernis color difference to my bags. I couldn't do without now ;)
  8. I do not like too much of a match-match look. I usually want a little bit neutral color for purses that can go with any clothes, but a punch of color for wallets that I don't have to dig in to find in a purse and more fun.
    Between Mono and Pomme Vernis, I'd say Vernis!
  9. I'm the same way madison. I like neural bags (LV mono, azur, LV black denim, Ivory and black bbags...) then I use pops of color inside my bags, mostly pink. I love the look of vernis colors up against LV mono!!
  10. I am exactly like that too!! I always had the EXACT matching wallet. I now have the pomme pochette wallet and I feel it matches everything and it is an LV wallet so matches my LV bags anyway, no matter what color it is. I say get it and enjoy!!!
  11. I wish this could be me. LOL.
  12. Yeah, I've always preferred that my wallets NOT match my bags - too matchy-matchy for me.
  13. I always felt that my wallets had to match my bags, too, until I got fed up with myself. LOL Now that I have the pomme zippy wallet, I feel that this wallet matches everything! I still have those matchy-matchy needs, but I try to tamp that desire down because I would rather put that money towards a bag instead!
  14. I love pomme, I have the pochette and it goes with all my bags!
  15. A Pomme wallet sounds super good! :tup:

    Waiting for mine as well.