For the first time I was "embarassed" of my LV's! =(

  1. Today at Starbucks (I always go to the same one...inside Safeway), the cashier asked if my LV's were real??? She said that she sees me in there all the time and it seems like I never carry the same bag twice. She said she assumed they were fake! =( I told her "no, they are most definitely real". The people in line behind me looked I had just grown TWO heads! Then the cashier felt bad (I think she could tell that she had embarassed me), so she said "you have a beautiful collection".

    UGHHH! Why did I let some young, 18 year old, working behind the counter at Starbucks, (not that there is anything wrong with that) make me feel ashamed of my beautiful LV's? :shrugs:

    Anyway....just had to share! Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
  2. I hope you get over that feeling very quickly. Enjoy what you have!!
  3. I'm sorry to hear that happend to you. Maybe because she was kind of young or couldn't imagine having a collection like that herself, kwim? Sometimes if people can't imagine doing something, then they think that other people can't do it either.

    But don't feel bad about it. You have a great collection and you shouldn't worry about what other people think. Just enjoy your collection. You deserve it!
  4. I have that feeling sometimes too. Especially when friends ask, "Is that a new bag?" I am always like ummm yeah it is. It is nice she noticed your bags though! She has probably been drooling over them!

  5. OMG that's soo true! I get asked ALL the time how we afford everything we have. I mean how do you even respond to that rude question!?! Sometimes I feel I want to downplay what I have to fit in with others.

    Sorry I hijacked the thread a bit! :push:
  6. Sorry this happened to you but some people just cant understand why someone would want to spend alot on one bag...nevermind a whole collection of them. My friends dont own Louis Vuitton and they cant understand why I would want such expensive bags when I could get hundreds of bags for what I spend on one.

    The girl in Starbucks must have thought this and must think that someone would not spend so much on so many bags so she came to the conclusion that they were fake since you had so many. It is hard to understand because we love Louis Vuitton :flowers:
  7. Don't worry about it!! I get that kind of comment on my engagement ring. I get people(younger girls) ask me "is that real? One time, I was on a line to buy movie tickets, and a couple girls behind me were talking "look at that ring!" "it must be CZ anyway"...... I so wanted to turn around and say something, but didn't. Who cares? I mean why would I wear CZ engagement ring???? My ring is not that big, either compare to a lot of people with 3+ carat size rings, you know??
  8. I wouldn't be too offended. She seems young and her upbringing/background may make it hard to believe a person would have such a collection. Which means she may know something about LV and appreciates your collection as well.
  9. I find it soooo strange that strangers would ask strngers such personal questions. My friends often tell me, "is that a new bag?" and it is kind of embarassing but they know me well enough to ask such a question. To ask and then to say that she thought they were fake is just weird to me, but maybe it was the way I was raised.
  10. aww I am sorry that you feel bad about what happened at Starbucks today. I don't think she meant to make you feel bad about your collection.

    Try to just let it roll off and enjoy your LVs. You have nothing to feel bad about!
  11. that is so rude. I would never ask someone that questions. I am sure she was just jealous that you have some many gorgeous bags and can change them up. At least you know the bags are real.
  12. She should have just complimented you on your bag collection... NOT ask if they're fake. That is pretty rude, imo. Don't be embarrassed... wear your bags proudly!
  13. awww don't feel too bad. the starbucks girl sounded nice (in her own way). i think she didn't mean any harm. at least now she knows and will admire your wonderful collection even more!
  14. starbucks is evil especially those nasy frapuccinos...
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: