For the first time EVER....

  1. My Coach collection!! For a while my purses have been away from me... long story. But now they are back. With 4 new Coach additions!!!:yahoo: My family, that includes my boyfriend, got me some christmas presents, and since my birthday is today i get the combined gifts which I totally do not mind:heart:.... The first pic is of my presents... The second is the presents in that were in the boxes... I had originally gotten two keychains but took the M back and got the make-up bag... which I LOVE!!! The other pics are of my full collection... I know its small but I love them..
    coachgift.jpeg coachgift1.jpeg coachcollection2.jpeg coachcollection3.jpeg
  2. I love your collection! I am drooling over the chocolate signature stripe tote.
  3. What great gifts (love the boxes too!) and a lovely collection. That brown is really growing on me as well as the signature stripe collection.
  4. love the chocolate :smile:
  5. Great collection. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Nice collection!! I love the chocolate tote and cosmetic case! :smile:
  7. Wow! That's quite the amazing collection! Congrats! I'm glad you have your Coach bags again, and some new additions!:nuts:
  8. Muchas Gracias... Thanks alot... I love them... and yes the chocolate is beautiful.... its the most amazing brown... Just like chocolate I love it... The cosmetic case has the most beautiful legacy lining with pockets... I was lucky to get it because all the stores where out of it, but when I went to pick up another cosmetic case that did not really match, a lady returned it.:yahoo: It was my lucky day!!
  9. I have that chocolate Sig Stripe Tote, it's amazing! Maybe i'll use it today... :confused1:
  10. Gorgeous collection.. LOVE the Chocolate Sig Stripe!
  11. We could be birthday buddies! Mine was the 29th!! Haha, what a fab collection and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  12. chocolate coach's are my fave too! you have some b--e--a--u--tiful stuff! i'm green!!
  13. Very Nice
  14. wonderful collection.. thanks for sharing.
  15. Great collection! Thanks for sharing!