FOR the FAKE PURSE buying crowd!!!

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  1. Ohhhhh I am dedicating this thread entirely to the FAKE PURSE carrying crowd!

    Wear your guts, admit it all here... it is about free speech and you folks do deserve a thread of your very own!

    So just a question:

    When you carry your FAKE purse, do you want other people to say ohhh you are carrying the REAL brand or can you CONSCIOUSLY shout out to public that "HEY, LOOK AT MY FAKE!" Do you go and do a high five with someone carrying a FAKE as well???

    Just wondering!:confused1:

    Maybe you can convince ME to buy a fake as well and SEE "glory" in buying the FAKE!
    Advice me..... FAKE PURSE CARRIERS???:nuts:
  2. THE PF doesnt allow fakes....U started a not so nice argument in GEN DISCUSSION.LETS NOT continue it here please.
  3. lolitakali, I feel like you are baiting someone to answer! I read your posts in the secrets thread and you made it quite clear that you hate fakes. Why start this thread? Im confused.
  4. I agree. While I don't support fakes, I don't understand why you would come looking for a fight (or so it seems). I don't come here for drama...this is my "down" time.
  5. okay what's the point of this thread ?
    it's obvious that everyone here uses their hard earned money on the real thing...why even bother with this thread ? It's like your asking for alot of drama by starting this.
  6. I started this thread is because I have lost all strength doing otherwise. It seems that when you support FAKES, you get more support than otherwise.

    I have lost faith in believing in the pride & joy in carrying a REAL.

    I have lost faith trying to so passionately defend one concept that I thought was right.

    I did not come here for drama either, but for a very honest gut belief that no-one seems to share.

    Seems that no-one would care if someone else gets scammed or someone else justify buying a fake.

    Just sad, and am pointedly giving up my belief for any point in supporting originality of creativity.

    Maybe I should even put in as they (people who are all for Fakes) says... Fakes compliment the Real and that justify the Fake carrier's market.

    Yes, I shall as they called it defeated in my own belief.

    Just sad and yes, as passionate as I am about my support for the Real deal, I am crying inside to the loss of my own belief on what is I thought right.

    I thought wrong... so I shall let the other-side convince me of its rightiousness then.
  7. I hope this thread is closed. Not only is it obviously asking for drama, tPF doesn't promote the selling/buying of fakes. What is the point of this? :tdown:
  8. Closing this thread. Lets not ruin the integrity of this Forum.
Thread Status:
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