For the fabulous TPFers who were recently in NY, i have a ?

  1. hi,

    this is for the ladies who were recently in NY, and anybody really who has gone to NY...

    i might be able to go in a few weeks, work permitting, and was wondering how feasible would it be to bring my birkin? is it a pain to cart it around the stores/restaurants? it's a size 35. just wondering if i should bring it or shelve it. any opinions welcome.

    and mods, feel free to move if need be :smile:

  2. Well...what are your plans while you are there? How will you be getting around? If you are going to be doing a lot of walking, I'd pass....
  3. I brought my Box calf Birkin and my Kelly Elan clutch and to be honest, I used my new Vert Olive Kelly everyday after I purchased her at the Madison store instead of the Birkin. The strap is indespensible.....especially if you'll be walking alot and shopping. If you have a Kelly, that's what I'd bring.
  4. LOL - I'm the opposite to Shopmom - I brought my Kelly and 35 Birkin, and actually found schepping around the 35 fully loaded wasn't a problem...and I was glad I brought it!
  5. If you have a Kelly and a Birkin, go with the Kelly.
  6. thanks for your opinions ladies :smile: i have no kelly yet ... and am thinking about the birkin, on the one hand it would prevent me from buying too much (so i won't carry too many bags lol! though many stores do ship!) but on the other it might be a bit much to lug around. i don't carry that much in it, just a wallet and phone and lip gloss, but i guess the bulk is more an issue than the weight...

    we'd probably stay in a hotel and shop around, hit woodbury commons, a broadway play, maybe a museum...
    thanks again :smile:
  7. take the Birkin, seriously, it's a tote, and that's what I found I needed, and Shopmom and I went from a Diner, where we sat at the bar/bench thing to boutique shopping, to power walking along Madison Ave - the Birkin will be great.
  8. I actually took my Birkin too, it's a 30 cm, very handy. If you find that yours is too big, you can always pop into H and pick up a smaller Birkin or a kelly....
  9. ^:graucho: i like it. i really do want to take it! i mean, NYC is a birkin city if ever there was (well, there is Paris too :biggrin: )
  10. No Kelly? Then bring the Birkin for sure. You'll love having it and you can tuck your small purchases inside. Don't worry about the weight so much 'cause you can always duck into a cafe for a rest and a glass of bubbly or coffee.

  11. What an excellent solution, Rose!! LOL.
    Seriously, you will be OK with a Birkin if you are accustomed to using it like a tote (I am). I only carry 35. I was thinking that for many though, it could get heavy/burdensome if there is much walking and standing around.
  12. I agree! Take your birkin...have a fabulous time...
  13. The Birkin is such a New York bag, I think you'd be happy to have yours with you. However, there are two places you've mentioned where you might not be thrilled to be lugging around a Birkin -- Woodbury Commons and a museum. I'd take the absolute minimum with me to those places. I've got a Chanel Black Caviar wallet/purse on a long chain that I wear messenger style for these kind of outings. It has room for cash, change, credit cards and a phone. I just checked on eBay and here's what I have in Camel:
  14. pigleto, DO take your Birkin if that's what you want to take. I totally understand.

    There's nothing like walking down Madison, Birkin on your arm and popping into the shops & restaurants.

    However, MillStream has given you great advice for days when you are into more than just shopping. Carrying your 35 to the Met Museum, for ex. would get a little heavy on the arm.

  15. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!

    Take your Birkin Pigleto and have a ball :yahoo: .

    Make sure you come back and tell us what you bought - 'cause you know you will right? :graucho: