? for the experts...shortening an Evelyne Strap...

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  1. Seeing as I have only been to the Hermes store in NYC and I have absolutely no pull with anyone there...and seeing how most of you know more than most of the SAs anyway...here is a question for all of you. Can I buy a second strap for my Evelyne and have it shortened? Do they sell the straps seperately? Thanks in advance for your help.

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  2. I think the straps come from Paris... (extra ones) unless they sell you a strap from a evelyne they have in stock... I asked my SA before...she said a few months...
  3. You can order the shorter strap for Evelyne in your store.
    You have to to tell them which lenght you want, measured from the hardware on one side to another. I don't think it can be shortened nicely since the canvas' end is kind of rounded. I've ordered it and was told that it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 months and will cost around $400. My sister was always ordering the shorter straps for her Evelynes and Kellys, she lives in Europe though and it takes less time there to get it.

  4. Elena is right. I was whining about the length of my Kelly strap, and that it woud be perfect a tad shorter, and they said it could be arranged.
  5. Thanks for the great info. I am going to call and ask aboutit. Unfortunately, I have only been to the NYC store once and the SA will definately not know me. I hope she will do it over the phone. Otherwise, I guess I will have to make another trip into NY!!!! Oh, well!!
  6. up! Do you have the shorter strap? I would like to see how the evelyne looks like with it!
  7. You need to ask to speak with one of the craftsmen at the NYC Madison store. They can make a strap for you. They will order the leather from Paris and then make the strap.

    I was quoted $350 by Manualla in the LA store in late Feb. She said the entire process would take about 3 months.