For the european/dutch girls

  1. Hello ladies,

    I have a question for all you dutch women who bought a purse in USA.

    I'm planning to buy my first Chanel while on vacation,:wlae: but...if I have to go true the custums(in Amsterdam) I'm so afraid they'll charge me for my bag.:wtf:

    I'm curious'on how you ladies brought your bag home.
    I want to bring the Chanel box with me!! What are my options??
    Any help/tips would be appreciated!
  2. aren't the purses more expensive in the us compared to europe?
  3. Carry the bag, post the box and the papers (seperately).

    I've been through customs at Schipol and had my bag searched and they didn't bat an eyelid (although my bags were loaded with kids clothes from Gap, no bags). The customs guys were pulling everyone up carrying shopping bags that contained watches and electrical gadgets (I'm astounded people openly carry these bags). I have a friend who had a watch on his wrist but the box and all the paperwork in his suitcase. He had to pay the tax on what the watch would have cost him here in Holland and slapped with a fine. My hubby bought me some earrings in Singapore and posted back all of the paperwork and hid the diamonds down his jocks. He's so romantic.

    This would be interesting given the Euro to USD, perhaps with the exchange rate might be a little cheaper in US (maybe the upcoming $ increase is to correct this). I could be totally wrong, but I'm curious as to the price comparison.
  4. For now the bag is still cheaper in the States.....Don't know about that in a few months...
    I'm gonna celebrate my birthday in Vegas, and it's gonna be a birthday gift, so that's why I'm asking
    If the deal is that it's cheaper here, I'll buy in Europe.
    Thanks Cal! Do you know how much it is to post from the States to Amsterdam and how long it takes to arrive??
  5. I can't imagine that posting an empty box will cost much - perhaps under USD$20 (and I'd post any paperwork inside of a birthday card, I'm sneaky! lol). Seriously, if it were me, I wouldn't carry anything with the bag that will alert customs to the fact it was new (which I why I'd post everything).

    Ooooo, happy birthday - which bag are you thinking of getting????
  6. Oooo, forgot to add, postage would probably take less than 2 weeks. Just make sure you put a low customs cost on the box, like USD$20 and declare it as a cardboard box....or better yet, ship something really cheap in it (like a toothbrush). The customs here is so expensive and the non-tax limit is about 35/30 euro.
  7. Thnx, but my birthday is in january. :yes: I have to wait a while, first there is Sinterklaas & Christmas:p
    I'm not sure yet, but I'm thinking GST Black with s/h or E/W Tote, which I doubt to be available by then...Maybe I'll see something else I'll like:nuts:

    Boy your really good at this!! gna gna
    I'm so chicken about this, but I'll do the box posting with something inside it, and I'll post myself a birthday card with the paperwork and use my mothers adress ;)

    Aren't you afraid that your bag will get lost if you post it??:wtf:
  8. One more thing...if I post the box, I assume I have to wrap it right?? or should I post in another box??
    I've nevr been to the States, so I have to know what I'm doing!
  9. After this I couldn't sleep last night..
    I'm way to chicken for this. So I've decided that I'll be in Dusseldorf in December, and I'll buy it there. On my birthday I'll buy the wallet. I can hide it better than a purse.
    Thanks for your help Cal!:flowers:
  10. Yep, pack the box in another box and keep the bag with you. The Chanel boxes are pretty flimsy so might get damaged if it's just wrapped.

    Even if the bag is currently cheaper in the USA I'm sure the increase next month will change this so it might not be worth doing. I can see that you've changed your mind and a birthday wallet is a great idea!